Criminal Justice in Hong Kong

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Containing a wealth of archival material and statistical data on crime and criminal justice, Criminal Justice in Hong Kong presents a detailed evaluation of Hong Kong’s criminal justice system, both past and present. Exploring the justice system and the perceptions of popular culture, this book demonstrates how the current criminal justice system has been influenced and shaped over time by Hong Kong’s historical position between ‘East’ and ‘West’. Jones and Vagg’s examination of the justice system not only takes into account geographical changes, like the erection of the border with communist China in 1950 but also insists that any deep understanding of the current system requires a dialogue withthe rich and complex narratives of Hong Kong’s history. It explores a range of questions, including: How were Hong Kong’s criminal justice institutions and practices formed? What has been its experience of law and order? How has Hong Kong’s status as between ‘East’ and ‘West’ affected its social, political and legal institutions? Careful and detailed, this analysis of one of the most economically successful, politically stable and safe yet frequently misrepresented cities, is a valuable addition to the bookshelves of all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Asian law.

Table of contents

Table of Ordinances
1 Introduction
PART 1 Colonial Rule 1841 to Second World War
2 Hong Kong: the early years
3 The Hong Kong police
4 Hong Kong’s internal security
5 Civilising the natives: crimes, courts and punishments
PART 2 Colonial Rule, Second World War to1997
6 The Second World War, the Japanese occupation and the ‘1946 outlook’
7 Re-establishing the police, 1945–1950
8 Crime and courts 1945–1960
9 The ‘red menace’: post-war instabilities
10 Corrections, juveniles and ‘disciplinary welfare’
11 Building order and stability in the 1950s
12 The 1956 riots
13 Post-1956: paramilitarism, hearts and minds and political policing
14 The China factor: the early 1960s
15 Policing and crime in the mid-1960s
16 The usual suspects: triads, drugs, gambling and corruption
17 The 1966 Star Ferry and 1967 riots
18 The post-riot years
19 The 1970s: re-forming the state and its citizens
20 Crime, policing and punishment in the 1970s
21 The 1980s: crime, moral panics and ‘ungovernability’
22 The 1980s: discovering juvenile delinquency
23 The transition years: 1990–1997
24 Images of crime and juvenile delinquency 1990–1997
PART 3 The First Ten Years of the HKSAR 1997–2007
25 Convergence, continuities and change: 1997–2007
26 Crime and delinquency 1997–2007

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