GDI+ Custom Controls with Visual C# 2005

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Throughout the book the emphasis is on using examples to illustrate concepts and techniques. Code is shown in detail, and explained thoroughly. The examples themselves are intended to be both intructional and useful in their own right. This book has been written with the intermediate C# developer in mind. Assuming a working knowledge of C#, the book teaches you how to implement custom controls using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition and all other versions of Visual C#, and GDI+ with.NET 2.0

Table of contents

GDI+ Custom Controls with Visual C# 2005
Table of Contents
GDI+ Custom Controls with Visual C# 2005
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1. Introduction to Custom Controls
Introducing Custom Controls
Preparing Your Environment
What Are Custom Controls Made Of?
Building TinyNoiseMaker
Extending TinyNoiseMaker
2. Introduction to GDI+
Simple Drawing on a Form
Drawing Inside a Panel Object
Drawing Inside a Control
3. Basic Drawing
Drawing with GDI+
Building the GradientLabel Control
4. Drawing Complex Shapes and Using Transformations
Clipping Drawing Using Region Objects
Graphics Transformations
Creating the Clock Control
5. Drawing Control Parts, Borders, and Adornments
Rendering Borders and Frames
Rendering Control Adornments
Creating Multiple Controls that Reuse the Same Functionality
Creating Derived Controls
Extending Existing Controls
6. Working with Images
Image Effects
Skewing, Rotation, and Scaling
Building the ImageWarper Class
The ImageWarperControl
7. Printing
Your First Print Job
The SimpleReportPrinter
User Involvement
Our Responsibilities as Programmers
Printing Custom Controls
8. Collections
Building the Font Picker
9. Double Buffering
The Scroll Bar
10. Handling Mouse Events
Dragging and Dropping
Dragging and Dropping
11. Implementing Design-Time Support
12. Designing Intuitive Interfaces
Requests, Input Parsing, Fault Tolerance, and Feedback
Looking Further Into Input Parsing
Our Regex Pattern in Detail
Optimization and Coding Conventions
13. The PieChart Control
Adding Slice Names and Delimiters
PieChart Legend
Printing the PieChart
Adding and Removing Slices
A. Distributing Custom Controls
Creating a Control Library Using Visual C# Express 2005
Using a Custom Control Library

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