Mastering ServiceNow – Second Edition

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Unleash the full potential of ServiceNow from foundations to advanced functions, with this hands-on expert guide fully revised for the Helsinki version About This Book Give your ServiceNow Helsinki implementation a powerful kick-start by understanding the deep capabilities of the platform, Learn by doing with an extended, comprehensive example, creating a feature-rich, secure and automated application from the ground up Interact with your whole organization by integrating with REST web services and build a custom Service Portal interface Who This Book Is For This book is aimed at advanced ServiceNow System Administrators and developers who would like to gain greater control of ServiceNow and its architecture. The book expects you to be new to ServiceNow, but have a good grounding in internet and computing technologies, like HTML, JSON, REST and database systems. Readers should be especially familiar with JavaScript, and be keen to extend and alter the platform. With this book, they will be able to develop a new application for their company. What You Will Learn Build custom scoped applications that access the full ServiceNow API Build a modern, responsive self-service interface with Service Portal Design feature-rich, responsive, automated workflow systems Design powerful data-driven applications Control information flow and apply business logic with Business Rules Write efficient and effective client-side JavaScript Learn how to authenticate and secure Web Services Integrate and exchange data with people and systems Create and secure your systems with proper access control In Detail ServiceNow is a SaaS application that provides workflow form-based applications. It is an ideal platform for creating enterprise-level applications giving requesters and fulfillers improved visibility and access to a process. ServiceNow-based applications often replace email by providing a better way to get work done. The book steps through the main aspects of the ServiceNow platform, from the ground up. It starts by exploring the core architecture of ServiceNow, including building the right data structure. To add business logic and control data, and interactivity to user interaction, you will be shown how to code on both server and the client. You will then learn more about the power of tasks, events and notifications. The book will then focus on using web services and other mechanisms to integrate ServiceNow with other systems. Furthermore, you will learn how to secure applications and data, and understand how ServiceNow performs logging and error reporting. You will then be shown how to package your applications and changes, so they can be installed elsewhere and ways to maintain them easily. If you wish to create an alternative simple interface, then explore ways to make ServiceNow beautiful using Service Portal. By the end of the book, you will know the fundamentals of the ServiceNow platform, helping you be a better ServiceNow System Administrator or developer. Style and approach Explore how to implement business logic and automated workflows and write effective code by flexible choices for client-side scripting

Table of contents

Mastering ServiceNow Second Edition
Mastering ServiceNow Second Edition
About the Author
About the Reviewer
What you need for this book
Who this book is for
Reader feedback
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1. ServiceNow Foundations
Exploring the database
Storing data
Reference fields
Building the interface
Making the most of the UI
2. Developing Custom Applications
Scoping out limits
Enforcing the separation
Building hierarchical tables
Many-to-many relationships
Cascading with reference fields
3. Server-Side Control
Running background scripts
Using GlideRecord (and its friends)
Counting records with GlideAggregate
Scripting in scoped apps
Business rules
Script Includes
Enforcing data
Scripting reference qualifiers
Rhino – the JavaScript engine powering ServiceNow
4. Client-Side Interaction
Choosing a UI Action
Managing fields with UI Policy
Running client-side scripts
Manipulating forms with GlideForm
Client-side scripting
Efficiently transferring data to the client
Controlling lists with Context Menus
Customizing and extending the platform
Taking control of the browser
5. Getting Things Done with Tasks
Organizing groups and users
Using departments and companies
Using additional comments and work notes
Understanding the State field
Drag-and-drop automation with Graphical Workflows
Approving tasks
Using the Service Catalog
Understanding Request Fulfilment
Service Level Management
6. Events, Notifications, and Reporting
Scheduling jobs
Sending e-mail notifications
Delivering an e-mail
Receiving e-mails
Recording metrics
Flattening data with Database Views
Building homepages
7. Exchanging Data – Import Sets, Web Services, and other Integrations
Bringing it in using Import Sets
Importing users and groups with LDAP
Building web service Import Sets
Connecting to web services
Building custom interfaces
Working inside the data center – introducing the MID server
Authenticating and securing web services
Designing integrations
8. Securing Applications and Data
Protecting data with contextual security rules
Building security rules
Using Scoped Administration
Encrypting data
Introducing Domain Separation
Authenticating users
Securing web services
9. Diagnosing ServiceNow – Knowing What Is Going On
Looking at the system log
Using the debugging tools
Enabling the JavaScript client side log
Tracking each page request
Going through other logs
Finding slow database transactions
Dealing with other performance issues
Auditing and versioning
Optimizing hardware resources
Accessing the system internals
10. Packaging with Applications, Update Sets, and Upgrades
Serializing records to XML
Recording configuration in Update Sets
Cloning instances
Packaging with applications
Sharing with Share
Selling on ServiceNow Store
Adding more with plugins
Configuration and customization
Upgrading ServiceNow
Managing instances
11. Making ServiceNow Beautiful with Service Portal and Custom Interfaces
Starting with Service Portal
Digging into Jelly
Using Angular and Jelly
Including Jelly in the standard interface

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