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Teenage girls can be mean. Often stemming from poor self-awareness, self-esteem and lack of relationship skills, complex friendship dynamics can be difficult to unravel and bullying can be hard to resolve. Surviving Girlhood provides a unique resource for preventing girl bullying by addressing the root causes and helping girls to be strong, positive individuals. Part 1 covers the facts on girl bullying, how to understand it, and the particular complexity of girls. Part 2 includes over 60 tried-and-tested activities that will help girls understand their needs, values, beliefs and influences as drivers for their behaviour. Through five key themes, from ‘Being Me’ to ‘Conflict Resolution’, they will also build self-awareness, self-esteem, and strong relationship skills. This photocopiable resource will be an invaluable tool for teachers, youth workers, counsellors, youth offending teams, behavioural specialists and all those working with girls aged 11–16.

Table of contents

Part 1: Understanding Girl Bullying
1 Introduction
2 A New Way
3 Girl Friendships and Girl Bullying: The Facts
4 The Complexity of Girls
5 Influences
6 Understanding Relationships
7 Using this Resource
Part 2: Activities
Theme 1: Being Me
Activity 1.1 Ground Rules
Activity 1.2 Understanding Needs
Activity 1.3 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Activity 1.4 Exploring My Needs
Activity 1.5 Needs Case Studies
Activity 1.6 Needs versus Wants
Activity 1.7 Exploring My Values
Activity 1.8 Valuing Role Models
Activity 1.9 Guessing Values
Activity 1.10 Values Pie Chart
Activity 1.11 How do You Feel?
Activity 1.12 The Wheel of Life
Activity 1.13 Air Your Dirty Laundry!
Activity 1.14 Who am I?
Activity 1.15 Tear Down, Build Up
Activity 1.16 Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT)
Worksheet 1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Maslow’s Triangle
Worksheet 2 Exploring My Needs: Needs Quiz
Worksheet 3 Exploring My Needs: Needs Cards
Worksheet 4 Needs Case Studies: Emotional Needs Scenarios
Worksheet 5 Needs versus Wants: Wants or Needs
Worksheet 6 Exploring My Values: Values List
Worksheet 7 How do You Feel?: Feelings Scenarios
Worksheet 8 The Wheel of Life
Worksheet 9 Who am I?: Scenarios
Worksheet 10 Tear Down, Build Up: Outline of a Person
Worksheet 11 Cognitive Behavioural Techniques(CBT): CBT Scenarios
Theme 2: Influences
Activity 2.1 What are the media?
Activity 2.2 Types of Media
Activity 2.3 Media Facts
Activity 2.4 Reviewing Advertising
Activity 2.5 Understanding Advertising
Activity 2.6 Impact of Adverts
Activity 2.7 Airbrushing 1
Activity 2.8 Airbrushing 2
Activity 2.9 Social Networking Sites
Activity 2.10 Social Networking
Activity 2.11 Stereotypes
Activity 2.12 Gender Stereotypes
Activity 2.13 Interacting with Others
Worksheet 12 Media Facts: Some Facts about the Media
Worksheet 13 Reviewing Advertising: Reviewing an Advertisement
Worksheet 14 Airbrushing 2: Real or Fake?
Worksheet 15 Social Networking Sites: Status Scenarios
Worksheet 16 Social Networking: Picture Frame
Worksheet 17 Gender Stereotypes: Understanding Gender Stereotypes
Worksheet 18 Interacting with Others: How do I Interact with Others?
Worksheet 19 Interacting with Others: Scenarios
Theme 3: Respect, Responsibilities, Relationships
Activity 3.1 What Happens When?
Activity 3.2 Promoting Self-Respect
Activity 3.3 What are Our Rights?
Activity 3.4 What Rights are Important to Me?
Activity 3.5 When Rights are Not Being Met
Activity 3.6 Who’s Responsible?
Activity 3.7 Locus of Control
Activity 3.8 ‘I am Responsible and in Control’
Activity 3.9 The Problem with Rumours
Activity 3.10 What is Respect?
Activity 3.11 What is Friendship?
Activity 3.12 Respecting ‘Me’ 1
Activity 3.13 Respecting ‘Me’ 2
Activity 3.14 Respecting ‘Me’ 3
Activity 3.15 Passive/Assertive/Aggressive
Activity 3.16 What Would I Expect?
Worksheet 20 What Rights are Important to Me?: Rights Labels
Worksheet 21 Who’s Responsible?: Scenarios
Worksheet 22 Locus of Control: Scenarios
Worksheet 23 ‘I am Responsible and in Control’: Level of Responsibility Scenarios
Worksheet 24 What is Friendship?: Friendship Pyramid
Worksheet 25 Respecting ‘Me’ 2: Respect Diary
Worksheet 26 Passive/Assertive/Aggressive: Am I Passive, Assertive or Aggressive?
Worksheet 27 What Would I Expect?: Scenarios
Theme 4: Managing Relationships
Activity 4.1 Concentric Circles
Activity 4.2 Friendship Agree/Disagree
Activity 4.3 Friends or Not?
Activity 4.4 Breaking and Strengthening Friendships
Activity 4.5 Relationship Skills
Activity 4.6 Best Friends Forever (BFF)
Activity 4.7 Cliques
Activity 4.8 The Drama Triangle
Activity 4.9 Circles of Conflict
Activity 4.10 Tipping the Scales
Activity 4.11 Getting Needs Met in Relationships
Activity 4.12 Using ‘I’ Statements
Activity 4.13 The Pressure is On!
Activity 4.14 Peer Pressure
Worksheet 28 Concentric Circles: Concentric Circles in My Life
Worksheet 29 Friendship Agree/Disagree: Statements
Worksheet 30 Relationship Skills: Friendship Scenarios
Worksheet 31 Best Friends Forever: The BFF Quiz
Worksheet 32 Cliques: Clique Scenarios
Worksheet 33 The Drama Triangle
Worksheet 34 Getting Needs Met in Relationships: Meeting Needs in Relationships
Worksheet 35 Using ‘I’ Statements: ‘I’ Statement Cards
Worksheet 36 Using ‘I’ Statements: ‘I’ Statement Scenarios
Worksheet 37 Peer Pressure: Scenarios
Theme 5: Conflict Resolution
Activity 5.1 Responding to Conflict 1
Activity 5.2 Conflict Triangle
Activity 5.3 Chains of Conflict
Activity 5.4 Box of Conflict
Activity 5.5 Feelings Detective
Activity 5.6 Responding to Conflict 2
Activity 5.7 Media Conflicts
Activity 5.8 Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?
Activity 5.9 Who’s Affected?
Activity 5.10 Mediation Moguls
Worksheet 38 Responding to Conflict 1: Scenario and Actions
Worksheet 39 Conflict Triangle: Conflict Triangles 1 and 2
Worksheet 40 Feelings Detective: Scenarios
Worksheet 41 Responding to Conflict 2: Our Responses to Conflict Action Cards
Worksheet 42 Responding to Conflict 2: Scenarios
Worksheet 43 Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?: Who’s Right? Scenarios
Worksheet 44 Who’s Affected?: Scenarios
Index of Activities by Topic

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