The Essential Writings of Thorstein Veblen

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The 38 selections in the volume include complete texts of all of Veblen’s major articles and book reviews from 1882 to 1914, plus key chapters from his books The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899), The Theory of Business Enterprise (1904) and The Instinct of Workmanship (1914). These writings present a wide range of Veblen’s most significant contributions, especially with respect to the philosophical and psychological foundations of economics, sociology, and other social sciences. A thorougly comprehensive volume, this is the only collection to present Veblen’s writings in chronological order, so that their development can be correctly understood. The volume is edited by a leading sociologist and a prominent economist, who provide extensive introductory essays which include item-by-item commentaries that place each selection in its intellectual-historical context and in relation to subsequent developments in economics. It makes for a valuable source of reference both for students and researchers alike. .

Table of contents

General Introduction
Introduction to Part I 1882–1898: early works
Selection 1 Mill’s theory of the taxation of land
Selection 2 Kant’s Critique of Judgment
Selection 3 Some neglected points in the theory of socialism
Selection 4 Böhm-Bawerk’s definition of capital and the source of wages
Selection 5 The food supply and the price of wheat
Selection 6 Review of The Land-Systems of British India by B. H. Baden-Powell
Selection 7 Review of Der Parlamentarismus, die Volksgesetzgebung und die Socialdemokratie by Karl Kautsky
Selection 8 The economic theory of woman’s dress
Selection 9 Review of Misère de la philosophie by Karl Marx, and of Socialisme et science positive by Enrico Ferri
Selection 10 Review of Einführung in den Socialismus by Richard Calwer
Selection 11 Review of Essais sur la conception matérialiste de l’histoire by Antonio Labriola
Selection 12 Review of Die Marxistische Socialdemokratie by Max Lorenz
Selection 13 Review of Über einige Grundfragen der Socialpolitik und der Volkswirtschaftslehre by Gustav Schmoller
Selection 14 Review of Aristocracy and Evolution: A Study of the Rights, the Origins and the Social Functions of the Wealthier Classes by William H. Mallock
Introduction to Part II 1898–99: intellectual efflorescence
Selection 15 Why is economics not an evolutionary science?
Selection 16 The instinct of workmanship and the irksomeness of labor
Selection 17 The beginnings of ownership
Selection 18 The barbarian status of women
Selection 19 The preconceptions of economic science
Selection 20 Review of The Development of English Thought: A Study in the Economic Interpretation of History by Simon N. Patten
Selection 21 The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study in the Evolution of Institutions
Introduction to Part III 1899–1906: critiques and further developments
Selection 22 Mr. Cummings’s strictures on The Theory of the Leisure Class
Selection 23 Review of Social Laws: An Outline of Sociology by Gabriel Tarde
Selection 24 Industrial and pecuniary employments
Selection 25 Gustav Schmoller’s economics
Selection 26 Review of Psychologie économique by Gabriel Tarde
Selection 27 Review of Der moderne Kapitalismus by Werner Sombart
Selection 28 Review of Pure Sociology: A Treatise Concerning the Origin and Spontaneous Development of Society by Lester Ward
Selection 29 The Theory of Business Enterprise
Selection 30 The place of science in modern civilization
Selection 31 The socialist economics of Karl Marx and his followers1
Introduction to Part IV 1907–1914: the penultimate period
Selection 32 Professor Clark’s economics
Selection 33 On the nature of capital
Selection 34 The evolution of the scientific point of view
Selection 35 Fisher’s Capital and Income
Selection 36 The limitations of marginal utility
Selection 37 The mutation theory and the blond race
Selection 38 The Instinct of Workmanship and the State of the Industrial Arts

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