The Soviet System In Crisis

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This reader is intended to fill the urgent need for up-to-date materials on the Gorbachev era and to provide scholars and students with source materials and interpretations not available in standard texts. In addition, the book will be regularly revised and updated to take account of rapidly changing events. Alexander Dallin and Gail Lapidus have brought together outstanding Western analyses, as well as Soviet documents and commentary, dealing with developments in the USSR’s politics, economy, society, culture, and foreign policy since 1985. The collection covers the full spectrum of views—skeptical and enthusiastic, ideological and pragmatic—offered by journalists, politicians, observers, and participants. Introductory and concluding material by the editors provides the essential context to help students understand the myriad opinions put forth on the vast changes in the USSR and where its future may lie.

Table of contents

Half Title
PART 1 Introduction
1 The Setting: An Introduction
PART 2 The Roots of Perestroika
2 A Usable Past
3 The Communist System
4 Domestic and International Factors in the Formation of Gorbachev’s Reforms
5 Politics Before Gorbachev: De-Stalinization and the Roots of Reform
6 The Friends and Foes of Change: Reformism and Conservatism in the Soviet Union
7 Letter to the Soviet Leaders, March 19, 1970
8 The Pioneers of Perestroika: Back to the Intellectual Roots of Soviet Reforms
PART 3 Reform and the Political and Social System
9 A Socialist Pluralism of Opinions: Glasnost and Policy-Making Under Gorbachev
10 Political Change in the Soviet Union
11 State and Society: Toward the Emergence of Civil Society in the Soviet Union
12 Voluntary Associations in Gorbachev’s Reform Program
13 The Emergence of Russian Multiparty Politics
14 The Workers’ Movement: A New Stage
15 Evaluating Gorbachev as Leader
16 The Quality of Gorbachev’s Leadership
17 Gorbachev’s Endgame
PART 4 Soviet Political Debates
18 Glasnost’ and Soviet Culture
19 Politics and History Under Gorbachev
20 Advances and Debts
21 Sources
22 Are Our Principles Any Good?
23 Speech at the Conference of the Aktiv of the Khabarovsk Territory Party Organization, July 31, 1986
24 Address at the Forty-Third UN General Assembly Session, December 7, 1988
25 Speech to the Russian Federation Congress of People’s Deputies, Moscow, May 22, 1990
26 I Cannot Forgo My Principles
27 The Tragedy of Centralism
28 I Can’t Absolve Myself of Guilt
29 The Architects of Card Houses
30 Democratic Platform Program of the CPSU, Statement of June 1, 1990
PART 5 The Economy
31 Is Soviet Socialism Reformable?
32 The Soviet Economy on a Treadmill of Perestroika: Gorbachev’s First Five Years
33 The New Soviet Plan
34 Beyond Perestroyka: The Soviet Economy in Crisis
PART 6 Nationalism and the Future of the Federal System
35 State, Civil Society and Ethnic Cultural Consolidation in the USSR: Roots of the National Question
36 Gorbachev’s Nationalities Problem
37 Dilemmas of Russian Nationalism
38 Soviet Jewry in the Age of Perestroika
39 The Russian Question: In Search of an Answer (a Roundtable)
40 Declarations of the State Sovereignty of the Russian and Ukrainian Republics
PART 7 Foreign Policy and National Security
41 The Revolution in Soviet Foreign Policy
42 East-West: The Problem of Deideologizing Relations
43 The Search for New East-West Relations
44 New Thinking About World Communism
45 Gorbachev and German Unification: Revision of Thinking, Realignment of Power
46 The USSR and the Third World in the 1980’s
47 Soviet National Security Under Gorbachev
48 State, Society, and the Military Under Gorbachev
PART 8 The Future of the System
49 Thinking About the Soviet Future
50 To the Stalin Mausoleum
51 Managing U.S.-Soviet Relations in the 1990s
52 From Points to Pathways of Mutual Advantage: Next Steps in Soviet-American Relations
53 Speech to the Congress of People’s Deputies, December 20, 1990
54 Speech to the Congress of People’s Deputies, December 22, 1990
55 Conclusion
About the Book and Editors

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