Karen McQuestion Books In Order

Below is listed all of Karen McQuestion books in chronological order of publication.

Publication Order of Edgewood Books


Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Easily Amused(2009)
Life On Hold(2009)
A Scattered Life(2010)
The Long Way Home(2012)
Hello Love(2014)
From a Distant Star(2015)
Grimm House(2015)
Half a Heart(2018)
Good Man, Dalton(2019)
Missing Her More(2019)
The Moonlight Child(2020)
Wish Upon A Christmas Star(2021)
214 Palmer Street(2022)
The Uninvited Guest(2022)
A Limited Run(2022)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

A Time-Travel Christmas(2022)

Publication Order of Children’s Books

Celia and the Fairies(2010)
Secrets of the Magic Ring(2011)
Prince and Popper(2016)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Write That Novel!: You know you want to…(2016)

Karen McQuestion Books for Adults

  1. Easily Amused (2009)
  2. A Scattered Life (2010)
  3. The Long Way Home (2012)
  4. Hello Love (2014)
  5. Half a Heart (2018)
  6. Good Man, Dalton (2019)
  7. Missing Her More (2019 sequel to “Good Man, Dalton”)
  8. Dovetail (2020)
  9. The Moonlight Child (2020)
  10. 214 Palmer Street (2022)
  11. A Limited Run (2022)

Karen McQuestion Books for Teenagers in Order

  1. Favorite (2009)
  2. Life on Hold (2009)
  3. Edgewood (Book One in the Edgewood Series) (2012)
  4. Wanderlust (Book Two in the Edgewood Series) (2013)
  5. Absolution (Book Three in the Edgewood Series) (2013)
  6. Revelation (Book Four in the Edgewood Series) (2016)
  7. The Moonlight Child (2020)

Karen McQuestion Books for Children in Order

  1. Celia and the Fairies (2010)
  2. Secrets of the Magic Ring (2011)
  3. Prince & Popper (2016)

More About Karen McQuestion

Karen McQuestion is an American author whose writing journey reflects the transformative power of the digital age in publishing. She hails from the Midwest and has made a name for herself by embracing the opportunities presented by e-publishing, becoming one of the first breakout self-published authors on Amazon.

Before her success in the literary world, McQuestion worked various jobs, all the while nurturing a passion for storytelling. Her persistence paid off when she took the bold step to self-publish her novels on Amazon’s Kindle platform. This move proved to be a turning point, as her books quickly garnered a wide readership and caught the attention of major publishing houses.

McQuestion’s body of work spans multiple genres, including adult fiction, young adult novels, and children’s books. Her storytelling is marked by its heartfelt narratives, relatable characters, and an engaging prose style that connects with a diverse audience. She deftly navigates themes of family, relationships, and the often unexpected journeys of life, imbuing her stories with both warmth and wisdom.

One of her well-known books, “A Scattered Life,” was among the first self-published titles to be optioned for film, signaling her arrival as a significant voice in contemporary fiction. Her novel “Edgewood,” along with its sequels, has also been widely acclaimed, showcasing her versatility and creativity in blending the everyday with elements of the fantastical.

Beyond her writing, McQuestion is an advocate for the potential of self-publishing and the importance of connecting directly with readers. She frequently shares her experiences and insights, providing inspiration for aspiring writers looking to chart their own paths in the publishing landscape.

Today, Karen McQuestion continues to write and publish, her success story emblematic of a modern author who combines talent with the savvy use of new platforms. Her works, celebrated for their storytelling charm and accessibility, have secured her a place in the hearts of readers and a respected spot in the ever-changing world of books.

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