Pope Francis Books In Order

Pope Francis I is the 266th man to be elected as pope. He was appointed in 2013 at the age of 76. He is also known as a prolific writer and to date has 91 published works. He is widely recognized for his contributions to non-fiction literature.

His first book was “The Simple Wisdom of Pope Francis” in 1987. His latest publication, “Walking Together: The Way of Synodality,” came out in 2023. Fans of his work can look forward to his next book, “Life: My Story Through History,” scheduled for release on April 2, 2024.

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Pope Francis Non-Fiction Books In Order of Publication

1The Simple Wisdom of Pope Francis 1987
2Open Mind, Faithful Heart (With: Gustavo Larrazabal, Joseph Owens)2012
3Evangelii Gaudium2013
4Only Love Can Save Us 2013
5In Him Alone Is Our Hope 2013
6Encountering Christ2013
7New Beginning, New Hope 2013
8Lumen Fidei 2013
9Breaking the Silence 2013
10I Ask You to Pray for Me 2013
11Through the Year with Pope Francis (With: Kevin Cotter)2013
12The Church of Mercy2014
13Education for Choosing Life 2014
14The People Wish to See Jesus 2014
15The Way of Humility: Corruption and Sin; On Self-Accusation 2014
16Morning Homilies (With: Inos Biffi, Dinah Livingstone)2014
17Your First Communion 2014
18A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis (With: Kevin Cotter)2014
19I Ask You, Be Shepherds: Reflections on Pastoral Ministry 2014
20The Face of Mercy 2015
21Walking with Jesus2015
22Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments 2015
23Encountering Truth (With: Antonio Spadaro, Federico Lombardi)2015
24The Spirit of St Francis2015
25The Blessing of Family (With: Alicia Von Stamwitz)2015
26The Gospel of New Life2015
27Pope Francis and the Joy of Family Life (With: Kevin Cotter)2015
28Morning Homilies II2015
298The Name of God Is Mercy2015
30A Year of Mercy (With: Diane M. Houdek)2015
31Pope Francis Speaks2015
32On the Family 2015
33Way of the Cross with Pope Francis (With: Alessandro Saraco) 2016
34Dear Pope Francis (With: Antonio Spadaro) 2016
35The Joy of Discipleship2016
36Amoris Laetitia2016
37Morning Homilies III (With: Dinah Livingstone)2016
38Seeking the Face of God2016
39Caring for Creation (With: Alicia Von Stamwitz)2016
40Men of Mercy (With: Giuseppe Merola)2016
41I Believe (With: Stefan von Kempis, Robert A. Krieg)2016
42Care for Creation (With: Giuliano Vigini) 2016
43O Cross of Christ (With: Deborah Luke) 2016
44The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations2016
45Our Father 2017
46Deacons Servants of Charity2017
47Embracing the Way of Jesus (With: James P. Campbell)2017
48With the Smell of the Sheep2017
49Love in Marriage 2017
50Morning Homilies IV2017
51Mother Mary (With: Alicia Von Stamwitz)2017
52The Works of Mercy (With: James F. Keenan)2017
53Happiness in This Life (With: Oonagh Stransky)2018
54On Hope 2018
55The Courage to Be Happy (With: Robert Ellsberg)2018
56Don’t Be Afraid to Say Yes to God! (With: Mike Schmitz) 2018
57A Future of Faith / The Path To Change (With: Dominique Wolton, Jorge Mario Bergoglio)2018
58Believe in Love (With: Alicia Von Stamwitz)2018
59A Stranger and You Welcomed Me (With: Robert Ellsberg) 2018
60Open to God (With: Antonio Spadaro)2018
61God is Young 2018
62Ave Maria2018
63Morning Homilies V2018
64Sharing the Wisdom of Time2018
65Prepare Your Heart (With: Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, Theresa Khoo) 2018
66Pope Francis Migrants and Refugees 2018
67The Strength of a Vocation (With: Fernando Prado) 2018
68On Faith 2019
69Easter Vigil Homilies 2019
70Christus Vivit2019
71Pope Francis Says… (With: Sheree Boyd) 2019
72Rejoice and Be Glad 2019
73Go Forth (With: William P. Gregory)2019
74On Love 2020
75The Gospel of Matthew2020
76Letters of Tribulation (With: Antonio Spadaro, Diego Fares)2020
77Christ in the Storm (With: Timothy P. O’Malley) 2020
786Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship2020
79Prayer: The Breath of New Life 2020
80Our Mother Earth (With: Bartholomew I of Constantinople) 2020
81The Gospel of Mark (With: Ronald D Witherup)2020
82The Wisdom of Pope Francis2020
83To Heal the World (With: Peter K.A. Turkson) 2020
84Let Us Dream2020
85St. Joseph, Pray for Us 2021
86Against War 2022
87A Better World: Reflections on Peace and Fraternity 2022
88A Gift of Joy and Hope2022
89Pope Francis on Eucharist (With: John T Kyler, Blase J. Cupich) 2023
90Walking Together: The Way of Synodality2023
91Life: My Story Through History (With: Aubrey Botsford)2024

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