William Kent Krueger Books In Order

William Kent Krueger, an acclaimed author of mystery and crime fiction, has carved out a distinctive niche in the literary world with his deeply human stories set against the backdrop of Minnesota’s wild and scenic landscapes. Born in Wyoming and raised in the Midwest, Krueger’s love for his surroundings is evident in the rich, atmospheric settings of his novels, which not only serve as the backdrop for intricate plots but also as a character in their own right.

Krueger began his journey into writing later in life, a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passion. Before becoming a full-time writer, he held a variety of jobs, from logging to construction, experiences that have lent authenticity and depth to his storytelling. It was his enduring love for literature and an unwavering commitment to his craft that led him to pen his first novel, “Iron Lake,” introducing readers to Cork O’Connor, a former sheriff turned private investigator. This character, of mixed Irish and Ojibwe heritage, allowed Krueger to explore themes of identity, community, and the complex tapestry of human nature.

Krueger’s writing is celebrated not only for its suspenseful plots but also for its exploration of moral and ethical questions. Through the Cork O’Connor series, he delves into the intricacies of life in small-town America, the enduring power of family, and the profound connections people have to the land. His novels are imbued with a sense of spirituality and a deep respect for Native American cultures, reflecting Krueger’s commitment to honoring the traditions and history of the indigenous peoples of Minnesota.

Beyond the Cork O’Connor series, Krueger has demonstrated his versatility as a writer with stand-alone novels that continue to captivate readers with their compelling narratives and thought-provoking themes. His work has received numerous accolades, affirming his place as a master storyteller whose stories resonate with readers far beyond the borders of Minnesota.

William Kent Krueger’s approach to writing is characterized by an attentiveness to the rhythms of nature and the complexities of the human heart. He writes with a clarity and precision that draws readers into the worlds he creates, making them feel the chill of a Minnesota winter or the tension of a community on the brink. In a career that continues to evolve, Krueger remains a beloved figure in American literature, his novels a reminder of the power of storytelling to uncover the mysteries of both the human spirit and the natural world.

Cork O’Connor Books In Order of Publication

Iron Lake(1998)
Boundary Waters(1999)
Purgatory Ridge(2001)
Blood Hollow(2004)
Mercy Falls(2005)
Copper River(2006)
Thunder Bay(2007)
Red Knife(2008)
Heaven’s Keep(2009)
Vermilion Drift(2010)
Northwest Angle(2011)
Trickster’s Point(2012)
Tamarack County(2013)
Windigo Island(2014)
Manitou Canyon(2016)
Sulfur Springs(2017)
Desolation Mountain(2018)
Lightning Strike(2021)
Fox Creek(2022)
Spirit Crossing(2024)
Lightning Strike is a prequel to the series.

Cork O’Connor Companion Books In Order of Publication

The World of Cork O’Connor(2016)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

The Devil’s Bed(2003)
Ordinary Grace(2013)
This Tender Land(2018)
The River We Remember(2023)

Short Stories/Novellas In Order of Publication

The Levee(2023)

Short Story Collections In Order of Publication

The William Kent Krueger Reader’s Companion(2012)

Anthologies In Order of Publication

Twin Cities Noir(2006)
Death Do Us Part(2006)
These Guns for Hire(2006)
Resort to Murder(2007)
Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem and Suspense(2009)
Crimes by Moonlight(2010)
Writes of Spring(2012)
Writing Murder: A Basic Guide to Writing Mystery Fiction(2012)
USA Noir(2013)
Bullets and Other Hurting Things: A Tribute to Bill Crider(2021)

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