Zodiac Academy Books in Order

The “Zodiac Academy” series, penned by Caroline Peckham and her sister, Susanne Valenti, plunges readers into a richly imagined world where the celestial and the mystical intertwine. This enthralling series of fantasy novels introduces us to the unique concept of a magical academy governed by the powers of the Zodiac, where students are not just … Read more

Prey Books In Order by John Sandford

John Sandford, pseudonym of John Roswell Camp, introduced readers to Lucas Davenport through the gripping and twisted tales of the Prey Series. These novels, steeped in crime and mystery, showcase Davenport’s journey from a lone operative in Minnesota’s Office of Special Intelligence to a formidable figure in the fight against crime. Davenport, known for his … Read more

Jenny Cooper Books In Order

The Jenny Cooper series, penned by British novelist and screenwriter M.R. Hall, dives deep into the world of mystery and thriller, unraveling stories through the eyes of Jenny Cooper, a coroner in Severn Vale, Gloucestershire. With a series that spans over six novels and one novella from 2009 to 2014, Hall crafts a narrative filled … Read more

Pendergast Books In Order

The Pendergast series is a captivating collection of thriller novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. This series introduces readers to Aloysius Pendergast, an enigmatic and highly unconventional FBI Special Agent. Pendergast is a man of wealth and refined tastes, with a penchant for the bizarre and the supernatural. His Southern charm and pale, aristocratic … Read more

The Inheritance Games Books In Order

Below we have listed all the books in The Inheritance Games books series. There’s 5 books in total in this series written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Read more about this author and her thrilling book series. The Inheritance Games Books In Order of Publication The Inheritance Games (2020) The Hawthorne Legacy (2021) The Final Gambit … Read more

Captain Underpants Books In Order

The Captain Underpants series was created by author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. The series successfully combines humor, adventure, and the power of imagination in a way that has delighted and engaged young readers worldwide. First introduced in 1997 with “The Adventures of Captain Underpants,” the series quickly became a beloved staple of children’s bookshelves and … Read more

Jack Reacher Books In Order

The Jack Reacher series, penned by British author Lee Child, stands as a towering achievement in the world of thriller literature, captivating readers with its blend of relentless action, intricate plotting, and the indomitable spirit of its protagonist. Since the first novel, “Killing Floor,” debuted in 1997, the series has grown into a bestselling phenomenon, … Read more

Charlie Bone Books In Order

Charlie Bone is fictional character from the “Children of the Red King” series, written by Jenny Nimmo. This beloved series introduces readers to Charlie Bone, a young boy who discovers he possesses a unique magical ability: he can hear the conversations of people in photographs. This discovery leads him to Bloor’s Academy, a school for … Read more

Alex Cross Books In Order

The Alex Cross series, penned by the prolific author James Patterson, stands as one of the most popular and enduring series in the crime thriller genre. First introduced in “Along Came a Spider” (1993), the character of Alex Cross is a compelling combination of intelligence, emotional depth, and moral complexity. As a detective and psychologist … Read more

Darkover Books In Order

Darkover series in order

The Darkover series, a captivating creation by Marion Zimmer Bradley, stands as a monumental achievement in the realm of science fiction and fantasy literature. This series, renowned for its unique blend of science fiction elements with a fantasy setting, explores the intriguing planet of Darkover. Known for its red sun and a civilization that has … Read more