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Max Hennessy, born in 1916, was one of two pen names used by the prolific author John Harris. His life was as colorful and varied as the characters in his novels, with experiences that enriched his writing and gave it an authentic edge.

Before dedicating himself to writing, Harris wore many hats. He served as an airman and a sailor, worked as a travel courier, taught history, reported as a journalist, and even tried his hand at cartooning. His diverse background included service with two navies and two air forces during World War II, providing him with a wealth of material for his future novels.

Harris’s roots trace back to Rotherham, where he was born to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Harris, proprietors of the Stag Inn in Herringthorpe. After attending Rotherham Grammar School, he began his professional life as a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser in the early 1930s, later moving to the Sheffield Telegraph.

Under the Max Hennessy pseudonym, Harris crafted gripping crime fiction and thrilling war novels. His first book as Hennessy, “The Lion at Sea,” hit shelves in 1977, marking the beginning of the popular Kelly Maguire trilogy. He also penned the acclaimed RAF trilogy, starting with “The Bright Blue Sky” in 1982, which chronicled the adventures of pilot Dicken Quinney.

Harris’s writing, known for its historical accuracy and pulse-pounding action, spans multiple conflicts including World War I, the Russian Civil War, and World War II. His novels offer readers a front-row seat to pivotal naval and aerial battles, showcasing his extensive knowledge and personal experiences.

In his personal life, Harris married Betty Wragg, and they had two children: a son named Max and a daughter, Juliet. In a touching continuation of his legacy, Juliet later took up the pen to continue the Pel detective series her father had created.

Max Hennessy’s books continue to captivate readers with their blend of historical detail and heart-stopping adventure, cementing his place as a master of war and crime fiction.

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The Dangerous Years(1978)
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The Blunted Lance(1981)
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The Fledglings(1971)
The Professionals(1973)
The Victors(1975)
The Interceptors(1977)
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The Bright Blue Sky(1982)
The Challenging Heights(1983)
Once More the Hawks(1984)

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The Old Trade of Killing(2022)
A Funny Place to Hold a War(2022)
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The Sea Shall Not Have Them(2019)
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The Mustering of the Hawks(1972)
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