Jane Renshaw Books In Order

jane renshaw

Jane Renshaw is an author whose stories seem to spring fully formed from a combination of keen observation, wry humor, and a touch of the mysterious. Born in a small town that time might have forgotten if not for its peculiar knack for birthing creative minds, Jane spent her early years immersed in the kind … Read more

Francine Rivers Books In Order

Francine Rivers, with her captivating storytelling, has attracted a huge following of readers worldwide. She is a New York Times bestselling authors as well as a member of the highly coveted Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame. She has also been given the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Before her … Read more

Jessica Barker Books In Order

Jessica Barker Books In Order

Dr Jessica Barker is an award-winning global leader in the human side of cyber security. She is Co-Founder and co-CEO of Cygenta, where she follows her passion of positively influencing cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture in organisations around the world. She has delivered face-to-face cyber security awareness sessions to over 40,000 people in 23 … Read more

John Sandford Books In Order – Author of Toxic Prey

John Sandford, born John Roswell Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, transitioned from a distinguished journalist to a prolific author, crafting some of the most compelling narratives in modern crime fiction. His Midwestern roots, coupled with a keen interest in the complexities of criminal psychology, have colored his narratives, giving them a … Read more

Carola Lovering Books In Order – Author of Bye Baby

Carola Lovering Books In Order

Carola Lovering doesn’t just write books; she crafts vivid, living worlds that beckon readers with their authenticity and emotional depth. Born and raised in Connecticut, Carola’s upbringing in a place brimming with New England charm and complexity has significantly influenced her storytelling. Her narratives often explore the nuances of relationships, the complexities of the human … Read more

Pope Francis Books In Order

Pope Francis I is the 266th man to be elected as pope. He was appointed in 2013 at the age of 76. He is also known as a prolific writer and to date has 91 published works. He is widely recognized for his contributions to non-fiction literature. His first book was “The Simple Wisdom of … Read more

John Ryder Books In Order

John Ryder, an acclaimed mystery fiction author, possesses a backstory as intriguing as the characters in his novels. Born into humble beginnings, Ryder’s life was a tapestry of diverse experiences before he found his calling in the literary world. From being a joiner and farmworker to grappling with various odd jobs, Ryder’s journey to becoming … Read more

Ed Park Books In Order of Publication

Ed Park, an esteemed literary fiction novelist and one of the founding editors of “The Believer,” is a unique voice in contemporary literature. His journey into the literary world is marked by a deep engagement with underappreciated narratives and a passion for exploring the multifaceted aspects of identity and history. See all Ed Park Books … Read more

Scott Hahn Books In Order

Scott Hahn, a distinguished American Catholic theologian, has carved a niche for himself as an articulate writer and speaker on matters of faith, delving into the complexities of early Christianity, the history of the church, and the interplay between religion and modern society. Born in 1957 in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, Hahn’s journey into theology began … Read more