Dav Pilkey Books In Order – Author of Captain Underpants

Dav Pilkey is not your ordinary author; he’s a storytelling superhero to countless kids around the globe, thanks to his wildly imaginative and hilariously heroic characters. Born in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, Pilkey’s childhood was marked by the challenges of dyslexia and ADHD. See all of Dav Pilkey books in order But what could have … Read more

Jenny Nimmo Books In Order

Jenny Nimmo, born on January 15, 1944, in Windsor, Berkshire, England, is an acclaimed British author celebrated for her contributions to children’s literature. Nimmo’s enchanting stories, often filled with magic and mystery, have captivated young readers around the globe, marking her as a significant voice in the genre. Growing up with a passion for storytelling, … Read more

Sue Grafton Books In Order

Sue Grafton was an American author best known for her groundbreaking “Alphabet Series” of detective novels featuring the intrepid private investigator, Kinsey Millhone. Born on April 24, 1940, in Louisville, Kentucky, Grafton’s literary career was deeply influenced by her early life experiences and her father, C.W. Grafton, himself a detective novelist. This unique upbringing planted … Read more

Elena S. Smith Books In Order


Elena S. Smith’s journey from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Moscow, Idaho, in the United States (a delightful twist of fate she often humorously notes) marks the beginning of a profound personal and professional transformation. In 1996, she embraced her new identity as a U.S. citizen, bringing with her a rich background in linguistics, evidenced by … Read more

Morgan Talty Books In Order

Morgan Talty is a voice of rare depth and nuance in contemporary literature, emerging from the Penobscot Indian Nation in Maine. His work, infused with the experiences and stories of his Native American heritage, offers readers a profound look at life through the lens of Penobscot culture and identity. Talty’s narratives weave the personal with … Read more

Elissa Washuta Books In Order

Elissa Washuta, a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, is a powerful voice in contemporary literature, blending memoir, cultural history, and introspection in her compelling works. Born and raised in New Jersey, her writing journey is a testament to her ability to navigate the complexities of identity, trauma, and healing with unflinching honesty and a … Read more

Ben Shattuck Books In Order

Ben Shattuck is an American author and artist whose work captures the delicate intersections of the natural world, human emotion, and history. Born and raised with a deep appreciation for the outdoors and storytelling, Shattuck has carved a unique path that marries his love for art and literature. His writing is marked by a keen … Read more

Mary Fan Books In Order

Mary Fan, a distinguished voice in the realms of science fiction and fantasy, crafts her tales from Jersey City, NJ, where she spins narratives that traverse distant planets, alternate realities, and fantastical steampunk worlds. As the creative mind behind several acclaimed series, Fan has carved out a niche that resonates with both young adults and … Read more

Dermot Bolger Books In Order

dermot bolger irish author

Dermot Bolger, born in Dublin in 1959, is a celebrated Irish author, poet, and playwright whose work vividly captures the essence of Irish life. Bolger’s literary career is distinguished by his deep engagement with Ireland’s complex social and cultural landscapes, offering readers a window into the soul of his homeland through his compelling narratives. From … Read more