Grey Huffington Books In Order ( Author of Luca )

Grey Huffington is a captivating voice in the world of romance literature. As a black woman, Grey brings her unique experiences and perspective to the page, crafting enchanting love stories that celebrate the beauty and complexity of black love.

With a penchant for instant gratification, Grey finds herself drawn to the allure of short stories and novellas, preferring the quick, immersive escape they provide over lengthy novels or films. This love for concise yet impactful narratives is evident in her own writing, as she masterfully weaves tales that can be devoured during a lunch break or savored over the course of a day.

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Grey’s true gift lies in her ability to create the most enchanting heroes imaginable, characters so vivid and alluring that readers can’t help but fall in love alongside the protagonists. Her stories blur the lines between fact and fiction, transporting readers to a world where anything is possible and love always finds a way.

As a prolific author, Grey has already published several series, each one a testament to her storytelling prowess and her commitment to showcasing diverse, authentic relationships. From the steamy and seductive “Syx and the City” to her other captivating works, Grey’s stories are a delightful blend of romance, humor, and heart.

When she’s not busy playing make-believe for a living, Grey can be found exploring the rich tapestry of life, seeking inspiration in the love stories that surround her—those she has witnessed, imagined, or heard whispered on the wind. Her mission is to capture these tales of passion and devotion, gifting them to her readers as a reminder of the transformative power of love.

So, whether you’re in search of a quick escape or a deep dive into the thrilling world of romance, look no further than Grey Huffington. Her enchanting stories and unforgettable characters are sure to leave you spellbound, eager for more of the beautiful black love she so artfully brings to life.

Berkeley Bred Books In Order of Publication


The Domino Effect Books In Order of Publication


The Eisenberg Effect Books In Order of Publication

Luca Squared(2023)

Emotionally Impaired Books In Order of Publication

As We Learn(2019)
As we Love(2020)

Gradually Yours Books In Order of Publication

Unbreak Me(2019)
Uncover Me(2019)
Unleash Me(2019)

The Grey List Books In Order of Publication

Chemistry: The Chemist(2024)
Rather: The Therapist(2024)

Leverage & Love Book Books In Order of Publication

Wilde & Reckless(2018)
Wilde & Relentless(2018)
Wilde & Restless(2018)

Love Me Later Books In Order of Publication

Sleigh Squared(2019)

Situationships Books In Order of Publication

Syx and the City(2017)
Syx and the City 2(2018)
Syx Thirty Sevyn(2018)
Syx Whole Weeks(2018)
Syxth Giving(2019)

The Sweetest Love Books In Order of Publication

The Sweetest Revenge(2018)
The Sweetest Redemption(2018)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

Mr. Intentional(2017)
Unearth Me(2018)
Half & Half(2018)
Give her Love. Give her Power.(2019)
Just Wanna Mean the Most to You(2020)
The Realm of Riot Thimble(2020)
Jagged Edges(2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Order of Publication

The Emancipation of Emoree(2018)
The Gifted(2018)
10,000 Hours(2020)
Darke Hearts(2020)
lost one.(2020)
Peace & Quiet(2020)
Press Rewind(2021)
My Person(2022)
whose love story is it anyway?(2022)
Unhand Me(2023)
The Mayor’s Ball(2024)
Dinner at Ever + Luca’s(2024)

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