Edgar Rice Burroughs Books in Order

Edgar Rice Burroughs, a name that resonates with adventure and the untamed frontiers of both space and Earth, carved out a unique niche in early 20th-century literature. He was one of the finest American novelists of his generation.

Born in 1875 in Chicago, Burroughs’s life before becoming a full-time writer was as varied as the settings of his novels.

From a stint in the military to managing a stationery store, it seemed like he was searching for his calling. Little did he know, his true path lay in the power of his imagination and his typewriter.

Burroughs’s breakout came with “Tarzan of the Apes” in 1912. It wasn’t just a book; it was a phenomenon, introducing readers to a world where nature and humanity intertwined through the life of Tarzan, the boy raised by apes in the African jungle.

This character not only secured Burroughs’s place in literary history but also became a cultural icon, adapted into films, radio shows, and comics.

But Tarzan was just the beginning. Burroughs had a knack for creating worlds that transcended the everyday limits of time and space. His Barsoom series, starting with “A Princess of Mars,” invited readers to explore the red plains of Mars long before space travel was a reality.

Through the eyes of John Carter, a Civil War veteran transported to Mars, Burroughs offered escapades among alien races and ancient civilizations that captured the collective imagination of his audience.

What set Burroughs apart wasn’t just his vivid imagination but his ability to tap into the human desire for adventure and exploration. His works spanned genres, from science fiction and fantasy to historical fiction, each imbued with his signature blend of action, romance, and a dash of humor.

He was a master at crafting tales that spoke to the adventurer in everyone, at a time when the world seemed ripe for discovery.

Despite his success, Burroughs’s life was not without its challenges, including financial troubles and personal losses. Yet, he continued to write, producing nearly 70 novels by the time of his death in 1950.

His legacy, however, extends far beyond the pages of his books. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a pioneer of early science fiction and fantasy, a man whose dreams of distant worlds and timeless adventures continue to inspire generations of readers and writers.

Living out his final years in California, Burroughs’s impact on popular culture and literature remains undeniable.

From the jungles of Africa to the far reaches of outer space, his stories remind us of the endless possibilities that lie in the unknown and the power of storytelling to take us there.

Tarzan Books In Order of Publication

Tarzan of the Apes(1912)
The Return of Tarzan(1913)
The Beasts of Tarzan(1914)
The Son of Tarzan(1916)
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar(1916)
Jungle Tales of Tarzan(1919)
Tarzan the Untamed(1919)
Tarzan the Terrible(1921)
Tarzan and the Golden Lion(1923)
Tarzan and the Ant Men(1924)
The Tarzan Twins(1927)
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle(1927)
Tarzan and the Lost Empire(1928)
Tarzan the Invincible(1930)
Tarzan Triumphant(1931)
Tarzan and the City of Gold(1932)
Tarzan and the Lion Man(1934)
Tarzan and the Leopard Men(1935)
Tarzan’s Quest(1935)
Tarzan and the Forbidden City(1938)
Tarzan the Magnificent(1939)
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion(1947)
Tarzan and the Madman(1964)
Tarzan and the Castaways(1965)

John Carter Of Mars Books In Order of Publication

with John Flint Roy

A Princess of Mars(1912)
The Gods of Mars(1913)
The Warlord of Mars(1914)
Thuvia, Maid of Mars(1916)
The Chessmen of Mars(1922)
The Mastermind of Mars(1927)
A Fighting Man of Mars(1930)
Swords of Mars(1935)
Synthetic Men of Mars(1939)
Llana of Gathol(1941)
John Carter of Mars(1941)
A Guide to Barsoom(By: John Flint Roy)(1976)
John Carter: The Movie Novelization(With: Stuart Moore)(2012)

Mucker Books In Order of Publication

The Mucker(1914)
The Return of the Mucker(1916)
The Oakdale Affair(1917)

Caspak Books In Order of Publication

The Land That Time Forgot(1918)
The People That Time Forgot(1918)
Out of Time’s Abyss(1918)

Pellucidar Books In Order of Publication

by John Eric Holmes

At the Earth’s Core(1914)
Tanar of Pellucidar(1928)
Tarzan at the Earth’s Core(1929)
Back to the Stone Age(1937)
Savage Pellucidar(1941)
Land of Terror(1944)

MoonBooks In Order of Publication

The Moon Maid(1923)
The Moon Men(1925)
The Red Hawk(1925)

Venus Books In Order of Publication

Pirates of Venus(1932)
Lost on Venus(1935)
Carson of Venus(1939)
Escape on Venus(1942)
The Wizard of Venus(1964)

The Apache Novels Books In Order of Publication

The War Chief(1927)
Apache Devil(1928)

The Custer Siblings Books In Order of Publication

The Eternal Savage / The Eternal Lover(1914)
The Mad King(1926)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

The Monster Men(1913)
The Outlaw of Torn(1914)
The Girl From Farris’s(1916)
Beyond Thirty / The Lost Continent(1916)
The Lad and The Lion(1917)
The Rider(1918)
The Efficiency Expert(1921)
The Girl from Hollywood(1922)
The Bandit of Hell’s Bend(1924)
Marcia of the Doorstep(1924)
The Cave Girl(1925)
The Land of Hidden Men / Jungle Girl(1931)
Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County(1940)
Beyond the Farthest Star(1964)
I Am a Barbarian(1967)
You Lucky Girl! A Love Story in Three Acts(1999)

Short Stories/Novellas In Order of Publication

The Cave Man(2008)

Non-Fiction Books In Order of Publication

Brother Men(2005)

Anthologies In Order of Publication

A Princess of Mars- New Tales of the Red Planet(2012)
Classic Martian Stories(2014)

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