Caroline Peckham Books In Order

Caroline Peckham, alongside her sister Susanne Valenti, has emerged as a formidable force in the world of fantasy and paranormal young adult fiction. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Caroline’s journey into writing wasn’t a straight path but rather a serendipitous venture that led her to become the co-author of several popular series, including the widely acclaimed “Zodiac Academy.”

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From an early age, Caroline was captivated by storytelling, finding solace and adventure within the pages of books. Her childhood was sprinkled with the magic of tales that whisked her away to far-off lands, sowing the seeds of what would later blossom into a career in writing. However, it wasn’t until she crossed paths professionally with her sister that the idea of writing novels took a firm hold.

Caroline’s academic background, while not directly related to literature, equipped her with a unique perspective on storytelling. She pursued higher education in a field that honed her analytical skills, a trait that she would later apply to constructing meticulously plotted narratives and multi-faceted characters.

The partnership with Susanne was a natural progression of their lifelong bond and shared love for the fantastical. Together, they have a dynamic that effortlessly translates into their writing, with each sister bringing her own strengths to the table, creating stories that are engaging, emotionally resonant, and teeming with the thrill of adventure.

Caroline’s writing style is known for its vivid descriptions, complex characters, and the seamless integration of humor and darkness. She has a knack for crafting worlds that are as enchanting as they are perilous, making readers feel as though they’re stepping into a universe where anything is possible. Her characters are not just figures on a page; they’re living, breathing entities with whom readers can sympathize, fall in love, or even love to hate.

Beyond the “Zodiac Academy” series, Caroline has co-authored other works that have garnered a loyal following, testament to her versatility and creativity as a writer. Her ability to weave together elements of romance, suspense, and fantasy, all while exploring themes of power, loyalty, and the quest for identity, resonates deeply with her audience.

When she’s not conjuring up new magical realms with Susanne, Caroline indulges in her love for animals, nature, and, of course, reading. She believes in the power of stories to inspire, teach, and transform, a philosophy that shines through in every book she writes.

Living in the UK, Caroline continues to explore new territories in her writing, promising her readers not just stories, but experiences—ones filled with magic, adventure, and the kind of escapism that only the best books can provide. Her journey as an author, much like her novels, is an ongoing adventure, one that her readers are more than eager to follow.

Age Of Vampires Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Eternal Reign(2019)
Immortal Prince / Eternal Shade(2019)
Infernal Creatures / Eternal Curse(2019)
Wrathful Mortals / Eternal Vow(2019)
Eternal Night(2019)
Eternal Storm(2019)
Eternal Love(2019)
This series has/is being re-released with new names.

Boys Of Sinners Bay Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Beautiful Carnage(2020)
Beautiful Savage(2020)

Brutal Boys Of Everlake Prep Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Kings of Quarantine(2020)
Kings of Lockdown(2020)
Kings of Anarchy(2020)
Queen of Quarantine(2021)

Cage Of Lies Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Rebel Rising(2020)

Darkmore Penitentiary Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Caged Wolf / Darkmore Penitentiary(2020)
Alpha Wolf / Captive Fae(2020)
Alpha Wolf(2020)
Feral Wolf(2021)

Dead Men Walking Books with Susanne Valenti

The Death Club(2021)
Society of Psychos(2022)

The Devil Heart Boys Books In Order of Publication

Demon of Mine(2019)

Forbidden Fairytales Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Kingdom of Thieves(2019)
Kingdom of Wishes(2019)
Kingdom of Shadows(2019)

A Game of Malice and Greed Books with Susanne Valenti

A Game of Malice and Greed(2023)

The Harlequin Crew Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Devil’s Pass(2020)
Sinners’ Playground(2020)
Dead Man’s Isle(2021)
Carnival Hill(2021)
Paradise Lagoon(2021)
Gallows Bridge(2022)

The Rise Of Isaac Books In Order of Publication

Creeping Shadow(2015)
Bleeding Snow(2016)
Turning Tide(2016)
Weeping Sky(2016)
Failing Light(2018)

Ruthless Boys Of The Zodiac Books In Order of Publication with Susanne Valenti

Dark Fae(2020)
Savage Fae(2020)
Vicious Fae(2020)
Broken Fae(2020)
Warrior Fae(2021)

Zodiac Academy Books with Susanne Valenti

The Awakening(2019)
Ruthless Fae(2019)
The Reckoning(2020)
Shadow Princess(2020)
Cursed Fates(2020)
Origins of an Academy Bully(2020)
The Big A.S.S. Party(2020)
Fated Throne(2020)
Heartless Sky(2021)
The Awakening As Told By the Boys(2021)
Sorrow and Starlight(2022)
Beyond the Veil(2023)
Live And Let Lionel(2024)
Zodiac Academy 9(2024)

The V Games Books In Order of Publication

V Games(2017)
V Games: Fresh From The Grave(2017)
V Games: Dead Before Dawn(2018)
Wolf Games(2018)
A Game of Vampires(2018)
Wolf Games: Island of Shade(2018)
Wolf Games: Severed Fates(2018)
Hunter Trials(2018)

Short Story Collections In Order of Publication

Foxy Tales(With: Susanne Valenti)(2022)

Mafia Wars Books In Order of Publication

Binding Rose(By: Ivy Fox)(2022)
Gunmetal Lily(By: Rebecca Royce)(2022)
Ruining Dahlia(By: C.R. Jane)(2022)
Wilted Orchid(By: Loxley Savage)(2022)
Forget-Me-Not Bombshell(With: Susanne Valenti)(2022)
Blade of Iris(By: K.A. Knight)(2022)

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