Bonnie R. Paulson Books In Order

Bonnie R. Paulson is an accomplished author known for seamlessly blending her love for dirt bikes, family life, and the medical field into her captivating novels. Despite her success as a bestselling author, Bonnie continues to work as a medical transcriptionist, leveraging her background as a certified radiologic technologist to infuse authentic medical elements into her stories.

When she’s not writing, Bonnie enjoys spending time with her children, exploring the Rockies on her dirt bike, and experimenting with original recipes in the kitchen—some of which find their way into her novels. Her idea of heaven is riding a dirt bike while enjoying a chicken parmigiana sandwich.

Bonnie’s passion for writing began early. As soon as she could hold a pencil, she started crafting poems and short stories, although she didn’t pursue it seriously until later. A friend’s dare to write a romance novel ignited her dedication to the craft, leading her to become a prominent author in the romantic suspense and contemporary romance genres.

Her debut novel, “Breathe Again,” published in 2011, marked the beginning of a prolific writing career. Bonnie now boasts over ninety works of fiction, including several series and standalone novels. Her novels often reflect her personal experiences and passions, such as the countryside of Jamaica in “Songs of Irie,” inspired by her childhood summers spent there.

Bonnie’s storytelling is driven by her belief in the healing power of personal narratives. She emphasizes the importance of sharing one’s story, no matter how small, to bring healing to others. Writing empowers her, allowing her to inspire and connect with readers while being in control of her creative destiny.

Despite the challenges of balancing a busy life, Bonnie finds time to write by setting aside dedicated time for creativity. She believes that discipline, rather than waiting for inspiration, is key to generating ideas and creating magic on the page.

Bonnie R. Paulson continues to captivate readers with her heartfelt and engaging stories, proving that with passion and dedication, one can successfully merge different aspects of life into a fulfilling writing career.

Accidental But Perfect Romance Books in Order of Publication

Wrong Text, Right Reply(2021)
Wrong Place, Right Time(2023)

Barely Alive Books in Order of Publication

as B.R. Paulson

Barely Alive(2012)
Falling Apart(2012)
Mostly Dead(2012)
Viral Intent(2012)

The Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County Books in Order of Publication

The Dreams of Home / Mac(2018)
Long Gone / The Best-Friend Billionaire Cowboy: Zack(2018)
The Mail Order Billionaire Cowboy(2019) Books in Order of Publication

as Bonnie Sweets

With This Click, I Thee Wed(2017)
DIY Vows(2017)
Keyword: I Do(2017)
Let USB Wed(2018)
The Right Click(2018)

A Date to Die For Books in Order of Publication

A Date to Die for(2014)

Downshift Books in Order of Publication

Full Throttle(2017)
Block Pass(2017)

Into the End Books in Order of Publication

as B.R. Paulson

Into the End(2012)
Through the Flames(2012)
Out of the Ashes(2013)

Lonely Lace Books in Order of Publication

Spurs and Lace(2014)
Secrets and Lace(2014)
Sorrows and Lace(2014)

Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Books in Order of Publication

One More Chance(2019)
One More Secret(2020)
Matched with Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend(2020)
One More Glance(2020)
One More Wish(2020)
One More Storm(2021)
One More Memory(2021)
One More Whisper(2021)
One More Kiss(2022)

Montana Trails Books in Order of Publication

Broken Trails(2016)
Forbidden Trails(2016)
Unbridled Trails(2016)
Hidden Trails(2016)
Endless Trails(2017)
Forsaken Trails(2017)
Lonesome Trails(2017)
Lost Trails(2017)
Forgotten Trails(2017)
Untamed Trails(2017)

Odds and Evens Books in Order of Publication

Odd Man Out(2014)

180 Days and Counting… Books in Order of Publication

as B.R. Paulson

Out of Time / No Time(2017)
Last Chance(2017)
Hold On(2017)
Too Late(2017)
Look Away(2018)
Death Days(2020)

Redemption Books in Order of Publication

Romancing Redemption(2014)
Riding for Redemption(2015)
Resisting Redemption(2015)
Regretting Redemption(2015)
Rewarding Redemption(2018)

Redemption Ranch Romance Books in Order of Publication

Second Chance at Forgiveness(2019)

The Renegades of Clearwater County Books in Order of Publication

Running from the Renegade(2019)
Chasing the Renegade(2019)
Wedding the Renegade(2019)

Rockstars of Sweet Romance Books in Order of Publication

Love Notes(2019)

The Rossi Family Rebels Books in Order of Publication

The Forbidden Step-Brother(2019)
The Forbidden Prince(2019)
The Forbidden Mountain Man(2019)
The Forbidden Husband(2019)

Stranded in Paradise Books in Order of Publication

Stranded with the Boss(2019)
Stranded with Her Second Chance(2019)
Stranded with the Rockstar(2019)
Stranded with the Billionaire(2019)

The Undercover Cowboy Project Books in Order of Publication

Cool Your Heels(2021)
Hold Your Horses(2021)
Don’t Give a Dang(2021)

Worth of Souls Books in Order of Publication

as B.R. Paulson

Cost ofSurvival(2015)
Exchange Rate(2015)
Worth of Souls(2015)

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

Dictating Death(2010)
Breathe Again(2011)
Psycho Inside Me(2013)
Watch Me Burn(2015)

Bride, Texas Books in Order of Publication

Bride and Prejudice(2017)
The Unlucky Bride(By: Sylvia McDaniel)(2017)
Over My Wed Body(By: Veronica Blade)(2017)
Sleigh Bride(By: Neve Cottrell)(2017)

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