Diamond Brothers Books In Order

“The Diamond Brothers” series, written by the versatile and celebrated author Anthony Horowitz, is a delightful and engaging collection of detective stories aimed primarily at younger readers. The series is a playful and humorous take on the detective genre, featuring the comically mismatched detective duo, Tim and Nick Diamond.

Tim Diamond, whose real name is Herbert Simple, is an unbelievably inept private detective. His younger brother, Nick, who is just a teenager, is the real brains behind the operation. Nick’s sharp wit and Tim’s bumbling nature make for a hilarious and unlikely team as they find themselves embroiled in various mysteries and adventures.

The series kicks off with “The Falcon’s Malteser” (1986), where the brothers receive an unusual package that leads them into a dangerous and comedic adventure involving criminals, a valuable diamond, and a whole lot of misunderstandings. This first book sets the tone for the series with its blend of absurd situations, witty one-liners, and a fast-paced narrative that keeps readers both entertained and intrigued.

One of the key appeals of “The Diamond Brothers” series is Horowitz’s ability to create stories that are both humorous and suspenseful. The mysteries are well-crafted and engaging, while the humor is age-appropriate yet smart, appealing to both children and adults. The dynamic between the brothers, with Nick often having to save the day despite Tim’s attempt to be the responsible adult, adds to the charm of the series.

Subsequent books, including titles like “Public Enemy Number Two” and “South by Southeast,” continue to follow the Diamond brothers as they inadvertently stumble into complex cases, mixing schoolboy sleuthing with parody elements of traditional detective fiction.

“The Diamond Brothers” series showcases Anthony Horowitz’s skill in adapting his storytelling prowess to a younger audience. The books are not only an entertaining introduction to the mystery genre for young readers but are also a clever and affectionate nod to classic detective tropes, all delivered with Horowitz’s signature wit and creativity.

Publication Order of Diamond Brothers Books

The Falcon’s Malteser(1986)
Public Enemy Number Two(1987)
South by Southeast(1991)
The Blurred Man(2003)
The French Confection(2003)
I Know What You Did Last Wednesday(2003)
The Greek Who Stole Christmas(2007)
Two of Diamonds(2009)
The Double Eagle Has Landed(2011)

Publication Order of Diamond Brother Mysteries Books

Three of Diamonds(2004)
Four of Diamonds(2012)

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