Detective Daniel Hawthorne Books In Order

The Detective Daniel Hawthorne series, authored by the critically acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz, is a unique and innovative addition to the detective fiction genre. In this series, Horowitz blurs the lines between fiction and reality by inserting himself as a character in the books, playing the role of a writer who partners with the fictional detective Daniel Hawthorne.

The series begins with “The Word is Murder” (2017), where the reader is introduced to the enigmatic and unconventional former police detective Daniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne is a consultant who solves complex cases with an acumen that rivals the great fictional detectives. His character is shrouded in mystery, with a past that slowly unravels throughout the series.

What sets the Hawthorne and Horowitz series apart is its metafictional approach. Anthony Horowitz, as the narrator and a character, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process of writing detective fiction while being part of the story himself. This unique perspective adds an extra layer of intrigue and entertainment, as readers navigate the dual narratives of the unfolding mystery and Horowitz’s experiences in collaborating with Hawthorne.

The dynamic between Hawthorne and Horowitz is central to the series’ charm. Hawthorne, with his brilliant deductive skills and secretive nature, is a stark contrast to Horowitz, who approaches situations with the curiosity of a writer and the incredulity of someone unaccustomed to the world of criminal investigation.

Subsequent books in the series, such as “The Sentence is Death” and “A Line to Kill,” continue to build upon the richly developed characters and the complex relationship between Hawthorne and Horowitz. Each novel presents a new case, filled with twists and turns that keep both the fictional and real-life author, as well as the readers, guessing until the end.

The Detective Daniel Hawthorne books are a testament to Anthony Horowitz’s mastery of the detective genre, creativity, and storytelling prowess. The series not only offers gripping murder mysteries but also provides a fascinating commentary on the art of writing and the relationship between an author and his creation. In Hawthorne and Horowitz, Anthony Horowitz has created a memorable and inventive contribution to detective fiction.

Publication Order of Detective Daniel Hawthorne Books

The Word Is Murder(2018)
The Sentence Is Death(2019)
A Line to Kill(2021)
The Twist of a Knife(2022)
Close to Death(2024)

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