Gabriel Allon Books In Order

The Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva is a captivating collection of spy novels that has garnered a wide readership and critical acclaim. The series revolves around the main character, Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence officer and skilled art restorer. Silva’s intricate storytelling and deep understanding of international espionage have made this series a standout in the spy fiction genre.

Gabriel Allon is a complex character, with a background that adds depth and nuance to the series. He works for the Israeli intelligence service, often referred to as “The Office.” His character is multifaceted – he is not only a spy but also an art restorer, a role that allows him to travel and maintain a less conspicuous profile. This dual identity is a central theme in the series, showcasing how Allon balances his clandestine activities with his passion for art restoration.

The series begins with “The Kill Artist” (2000), which introduces Allon in the aftermath of a personal tragedy. As the series progresses, Silva explores various themes such as terrorism, the Holocaust, and the complexities of Middle Eastern politics. Each novel often focuses on a particular global issue, with Allon and his team working to thwart plots that range from bombings and kidnappings to large-scale geopolitical conspiracies.

Silva’s meticulous research is evident throughout the series. He brings a level of realism to the narrative by incorporating real-world events and locations. This attention to detail, combined with fast-paced storytelling and well-developed characters, provides a sense of authenticity that is sometimes lacking in spy fiction.

One of the key strengths of the series is Silva’s ability to evolve his characters, particularly Allon. Over the course of the series, Allon ages, experiences personal growth, and faces various moral and ethical dilemmas. This character development adds a richness to the narrative, making the series not just about the missions and the action, but also about the personal journey of a spy.

In addition to Allon, the series features a recurring cast of characters, including members of Allon’s team and various international figures. These characters add layers to the story, providing different perspectives and enriching the plot with their unique backgrounds and skills.

The Gabriel Allon series is more than just a set of spy novels; it’s a saga that delves into the heart of modern intelligence work, the moral complexities of espionage, and the personal sacrifices of those who work in the shadows. Daniel Silva’s ability to weave complex plots with deep character development makes this series a must-read for fans of the genre.

Publication Order of Gabriel Allon Books

By: Daniel Silva

The Kill Artist(2001)
The English Assassin(2002)
The Confessor(2002)
A Death in Vienna(2003)
Prince of Fire(2005)
The Messenger(2006)
The Secret Servant(2007)
Moscow Rules(2008)
The Defector(2009)
The Rembrandt Affair(2010)
Portrait of a Spy(2011)
The Fallen Angel(2012)
The English Girl(2013)
The Heist(2014)
The English Spy(2015)
The Black Widow(2016)
House of Spies(2017)
The Other Woman(2018)
The New Girl(2019)
The Order(2020)
The Cellist(2021)
Portrait of an Unknown Woman(2022)
The Collector(2023)

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