Nick Petrie Books In Order

Nick Petrie, a name now familiar to thriller enthusiasts, has built a reputation as a master of action-packed narratives, with his creation, Peter Ash, drawing comparisons to the likes of Jack Reacher. Yet, Petrie’s journey to literary acclaim is a tale of resilience, perseverance, and the transformative power of storytelling. See all Nick Petrie Books … Read more

Mark Greaney Books In Order

Mark Greaney, the man behind the pulse-pounding action of the Gray Man series, is a master of the modern thriller. His journey into the world of espionage and high-stakes action wasn’t a detour but a direct path fuelled by a lifelong passion for storytelling and a fascination with the shadowy world of international intelligence. Greaney’s … Read more

Daniel Silva Books In Order

Daniel Silva is an acclaimed American author, best known for his espionage and thriller novels, particularly the Gabriel Allon series. Born on January 19, 1960, in Michigan, Silva began his career as a journalist, a profession that provided a foundation for his tightly woven, meticulously researched narratives. Silva’s journey into the world of fiction began … Read more

Gabriel Allon Books In Order

The Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva is a captivating collection of spy novels that has garnered a wide readership and critical acclaim. The series revolves around the main character, Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence officer and skilled art restorer. Silva’s intricate storytelling and deep understanding of international espionage have made this series a standout … Read more