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Ketan Desai is a multi-faceted professional who seamlessly blends his roles as a physician, scientist, entrepreneur, and author. At the helm of various biotechnology, nutraceutical, and cosmetic companies as founder and CEO, he brings a wealth of expertise to his ventures.

Desai’s journey as a writer began at 16, initially with Op-Ed articles, then evolving into short stories, and eventually leading to the creation of his thriller novel, “Germs of War.” In this book, he skillfully intertwines his extensive medical and scientific knowledge with his childhood experiences in an army environment to craft a compelling narrative on biological warfare.

“Germs of War” is particularly notable for its prescient insights into global security issues, especially in the context of events like 9/11 and the rise of ISIS.

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InfluencesRobert Ludlum, Robin Cook, Conon Doyle

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Germs of War2017

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Infinite Indies 20202020
Infinite Indies 20222022

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