Dermot Bolger Books In Order

Dermot Bolger, born in Dublin in 1959, is a celebrated Irish author, poet, and playwright whose work vividly captures the essence of Irish life. Bolger’s literary career is distinguished by his deep engagement with Ireland’s complex social and cultural landscapes, offering readers a window into the soul of his homeland through his compelling narratives.

From an early age, Bolger was drawn to the power of storytelling, inspired by the rich oral traditions of Ireland and the vibrant literary scene of Dublin. His writing journey began in earnest in the early 1980s, marking the start of a prolific career that would span several decades and encompass a wide range of literary forms.

Bolger’s novels often delve into themes of identity, belonging, and the search for meaning within the flux of contemporary Irish society. His ability to intertwine personal stories with broader societal issues has resonated with readers and critics alike, making him a vital voice in modern Irish literature.

In addition to his novels, Bolger has made significant contributions to poetry and the stage, with his plays being celebrated for their emotional depth and insightful commentary on Irish life. His work in theater complements his prose and poetry, showcasing his versatility as a writer and his commitment to exploring the human condition.

Beyond his individual achievements, Dermot Bolger has been a mentor and advocate for emerging writers in Ireland, fostering new talent and supporting the arts through various initiatives. His dedication to the literary community reflects his belief in the transformative power of words and the importance of storytelling in shaping our understanding of the world.

Dermot Bolger’s enduring impact on Irish literature stems not only from his own works but also from his role in nurturing the next generation of Irish voices.

Dermot Bolger Books In Order or Publication

The Journey Home1990
The Woman’s Daughter1992
Emily’s Shoes1992
A Second Life1994
Father’s Music1997
On a Wave2001
The Family on Paradise Pier2005
The Valparaiso Voyage2007
New Town Soul2010
The Fall of Ireland2012
The Lonely Sea and Sky2016
An Ark of Light2018
Other People’s Lives2022

Dermot Bolger Short Stories/Novellas In Order or Publication

The Ballymun Trilogy2010
The Fall of Ireland: A Nolvella2013
Secrets Never Told2022

Dermot Bolger Anthologies In Order or Publication

The Vintage Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction1995

Dermot Bolger Plays In Order

  • 1989: The Lament for Arthur Cleary
  • 1990: Blinded by the Light
  • 1990: In High Germany
  • 1990: The Holy Ground
  • 1991: One Last White Horse
  • 1994: A Dublin Bloom
  • 1995: April Bright
  • 1999: The Passion of Jerome
  • 2000: Consenting Adults
  • 2004: A Dublin Bloom (full production – Chicago)
  • 2005: From these Green Heights
  • 2006: The Townlands of Brazil
  • 2007: Walking the Road
  • 2008: The Consequences of Lightning
  • 2010: The Parting Glass* (This stand-alone play is a follow-up, 20 years on, about the life of Eoin, the emigrant narrator of Bolger’s earlier play, In High Germany.)
  • 2012: Tea Chests and Dreams
  • 2012: Ulysses: a stage adaptation of James Joyce’s novel (Produced by the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, which toured Scotland and China)
  • 2017: Ulysses: a revised and expanded stage adaption of Joyce’s novel (Premiered at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, as part of the 2017 Dublin Theatre Festival, Oct 2017)
  • 2017: Bang Bang
  • 2019: Last Orders at the Dockside Staged by the Abbey Theatre as part of the 2019 Dublin Theatre Festival
  • 2020: A Hand of Jacks A Monologue commissioned by the Abbey Theatre as part of a national response to the coronavirus, entitled Dear Ireland where they asked fifty playwrights to each write one monologue and nominate an actor who would self-tape their performances from social isolation. Bolger’s play was performed by Dawn Bradfield
  • 2021: The Messenger A one-woman play about the North Strand bombings in Dublin in 1941, streamed on line by Axis, Ballymun, to mark the 80th anniversary of the bombing, directed by Mark O’Brien.

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