Martin Walker Books In Order

Below we have organized all of Martin Walker books in order of their publication dates, providing an easy way for you to explore and delve deeper into his extensive body of work.

Bruno, Chief Of Police Books In Order of Publication

Bruno, Chief of Police / Death in the Dordogne(2008)
The Dark Vineyard(2009)
Black Diamond(2010)
The Crowded Grave(2011)
The Devil’s Cave(2012)
Bruno and the Carol Singers / Bruno and le Pere Noel(2012)
The Resistance Man(2013)
The Children Return / Children of War / Death Undercover(2014)
A Market Tale(2014)
The Dying Season / The Patriarch(2015)
Fatal Pursuit(2016)
The Templars’ Last Secret(2017)
A Taste for Vengeance(2018)
The Chocolate War(2018)
The Body in the Castle Well(2019)
A Birthday Lunch(2019)
The Shooting at Chateau Rock(2020)
The Coldest Case(2021)
Bruno’s Challenge and Other Stories of the French Countryside(2022)
To Kill a Troubadour(2022)
A Chateau Under Siege(2023)

Standalone Novels of Martin Walker In Order of Publication

The Infiltrator(1978)
The Money Soldiers(1980)
A Mercenary Calling(1980)
The Caves of Perigord(2002)

Non-Fiction Books by Martin Walker In Order of Publication

The National Front(1977)
Daily Sketches(1978)
Powers of the Press(1983)
The Waking Giant: Soviet Union Under Gorbachev(1986)
Martin Walker’s Russia(1989)
The Harper Independent Traveller(1990)
The Cold War and the Making of the Modern World(1993)
Clinton: The President They Deserve(1996)
America Reborn: A Twentieth-Century Narrative in Twenty-Six Lives(2000)
Makers of the American Century(2001)
The Iraq War(2003)
Bruno’s Cookbook(With: Julia Watson)(2023)

More About Martin Walker

Martin Walker, a distinguished author and journalist, has garnered international acclaim for his engrossing novels, particularly the Bruno, Chief of Police series. Born in Scotland, Walker’s early life and education set a strong foundation for his diverse and accomplished career. His keen interest in history and politics led him to Oxford University, where he further honed his intellectual prowess.

Walker’s career in journalism is marked by notable achievements, including serving as the Editor-in-Chief at United Press International and as a correspondent for The Guardian. His journalistic work, known for its insight and clarity, took him across the globe, providing a wealth of experiences and perspectives that later enriched his fiction writing.

Venturing into the world of novels, Walker found a new avenue to express his creativity and passion for storytelling. His most renowned works are the Bruno, Chief of Police series, set in the idyllic French countryside. These novels, blending intriguing mysteries with the charm of rural France, feature the beloved protagonist, Bruno Courrèges, a policeman who is as skilled in solving crimes as he is in cooking and enjoying the finer things in life.

Walker’s writing style is characterized by its rich descriptions, well-crafted plots, and a deep understanding of the human condition. His ability to weave complex narratives against the backdrop of the French landscape and culture has captivated a wide readership. The Bruno series is more than just detective fiction; it is a celebration of French life, its cuisine, traditions, and the complexities of small-town politics.

Beyond his Bruno series, Walker has authored several non-fiction books, showcasing his expertise in international affairs and history. His work reflects a life dedicated to exploration, understanding, and the art of narrative.

Martin Walker, now residing in the Dordogne region of France, which serves as the inspiration for his novels, continues to charm and engage readers with his delightful blend of mystery and the joys of French country living. His work not only entertains but also provides a window into the subtleties of French culture and the intricacies of its regional identities.

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