Joel Rosenberg Books In Order

Joel Rosenberg, an American author and communications strategist, made a significant impact in the world of literature with his thrilling and thought-provoking novels. Born on April 17, 1967, in Rochester, New York, Rosenberg’s writing career is marked by a series of best-selling political thrillers that often blend current events with prophetic fiction.

Rosenberg’s journey as an author began with his breakout novel, “The Last Jihad,” published in 2002. The book, which eerily predicted future global events, set the stage for a successful series of novels focused on international politics, espionage, and prophecy. His ability to weave contemporary geopolitical themes into his narratives has not only enthralled readers but also earned him recognition as a visionary writer.

His writing is characterized by fast-paced plots, well-researched scenarios, and intricate knowledge of international relations. Rosenberg’s background as a political consultant and his deep understanding of global affairs have significantly influenced his writing style, lending authenticity and depth to his stories.

Beyond his fictional works, Rosenberg has also penned non-fiction titles, further demonstrating his grasp of international politics and his ability to communicate complex ideas to a broad audience. His books, including “Epicenter” and “Inside the Revolution,” explore the intersections of global politics, economics, and faith.

Joel Rosenberg’s contribution to the thriller genre is notable for its prescient depiction of global events and insightful commentary on the geopolitical landscape. His novels not only provide gripping entertainment but also provoke thought and discussion among his readers, making him a distinctive voice in contemporary fiction.

Publication Order of Guardians of the Flame Books

The Sleeping Dragon(1983)
The Sword and the Chain(1984)
The Silver Crown(1985)
The Heir Apparent(1987)
The Warrior Lives(1988)
The Road to Ehvenor(1991)
The Road Home(1995)
Not Exactly the Three Musketeers(1999)
Not Quite Scaramouche(2001)
Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda(2003)

Publication Order of Thousand Worlds Books

Ties of Blood and Silver(1984)
Emile and the Dutchman(1985)
Not For Glory(1988)

Publication Order of Keepers of the Hidden Ways Books

The Fire Duke(1995)
The Silver Stone(1996)
The Crimson Sky(1998)

Publication Order of D’Shai Books

Hour of the Octopus(1994)

Publication Order of Sparky Hemingway Books

Home Front(2003)
Family Matters(2004)

Publication Order of Morded’s Heirs/Paladins Books

Knight Moves(2006)

Publication Order of Legends Of The Riftwar Books

Honored Enemy(By: Raymond E. Feist,William R. Forstchen)(2001)
Murder in LaMut(With: Raymond E. Feist)(2003)
Jimmy the Hand(By: S.M. Stirling,Raymond E. Feist)(2005)

Publication Order of Anthologies

Friends of the Horseclans(1987)

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