Richard Osman Books In Order

Richard Osman, a multi-talented British television producer, presenter, and author, has recently made a notable foray into the literary world with his engaging and witty crime novels. Born on November 28, 1970, in Billericay, Essex, Osman is widely known for his television work before he turned his talents to writing fiction.

Osman’s debut as an author came with the release of “The Thursday Murder Club” in 2020. This novel, set in a peaceful retirement village, is a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and intriguing character studies. The book introduces a group of elderly amateur detectives who meet weekly to investigate unsolved murders, showcasing Osman’s knack for creating compelling, unconventional characters and his sharp, humorous writing style.

His transition from television to literature has been seamless, with his background in media and entertainment adding a unique flair to his storytelling. Osman’s writing is characterized by its clever plot twists, engaging narrative, and a light-hearted approach to the crime genre. His ability to mix humor with suspense sets his work apart and has quickly garnered him a dedicated following among mystery novel enthusiasts.

Following the success of his first novel, Osman continued the series, further developing his distinctive style and the charming world of his characters. His novels not only offer intriguing mysteries but also thoughtful explorations of life, aging, and friendship.

Richard Osman’s emergence as a bestselling author is a testament to his diverse creative talents. His work in the literary field is marked by a fresh and entertaining approach to the crime fiction genre, earning him acclaim and a growing fanbase eager for more of his unique blend of mystery and humor.

Publication Order of Thursday Murder Club Books

The Thursday Murder Club(2020)
The Man Who Died Twice(2021)
The Bullet That Missed(2022)
The Last Devil to Die(2023)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

A Pointless History of the World(With: Alexander Armstrong)(2017)
The World Cup of Everything(2017)
Richard Osman’s House of Games: 1,054 Questions to Test Your Wits, Wisdom and Imagination(With: Alan Connor)(2019)

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