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Charley, a retiree from the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, now resides in a bustling small town nestled in the Smokies, preferring the hiking trails of mountains over the vastness of oceans. He keeps up with friends through online gaming and enjoys playing tennis, having progressed from being rather unskilled to questionably competent.

For several years, he led a local writers group, achieving notable success. His humor collection, echoing the style of Monty Python, won ‘best anthology’ at the 2017 Killer Nashville writers conference. He continued this winning streak by claiming the ‘best thriller’ award in 2019 for his medical thriller “Scourge,” and in 2021, his historical thriller “Ripple in the Sea” was a finalist in the same category.

His writing portfolio includes short stories featured in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s fantasy anthologies, which have been translated into French, German, and Italian, presenting the ironic challenge of being unable to read his own work. Charley’s life is filled with diverse experiences, from touring a mosque in Samarkand and snorkeling in Hawaii to witnessing the midnight sun in Narvik. He even took ballet classes alongside four other fathers at his daughters’ dance studio and has observed the mesmerizing ‘rooster tail’ of phosphorescent plankton trailing a high-speed aircraft carrier at night.

The idea for “Scourge” was conceived in his college days, waiting for computer technology to evolve to add a frightening edge to the story. The novel received high praise from the San Francisco Review of Books. On August 15, 2020, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War, he released “Ripple in the Sea.”

This historical novel, inspired by his father’s experiences as a meteorologist in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II, delves into the life of a Japanese-American girl infiltrating a WWII Japanese POW camp to rescue victims of medical experimentation, offering a rare insight into civilian life in wartime Japan.

Below we have listed all of Charley Pearson books in chronological order. This allows you to explore the evolution of his distinctive storytelling style and enjoy the full range of his imaginative work.

Publication of Charley Pearson Books In Order

The Marianated Nottingham and Other Abuses of the Language“THE MARIANATED NOTTINGHAM” offers a fresh take on the classic Robin Hood tale, presenting the story from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s perspective with honesty and humor. This unique collection, which includes a screenplay, 24 skits, short stories, and whimsical doggerels, won the Silver Falchion award for Best Anthology at the 2017 Killer Nashville writers conference.2016
Scourge“SCOURGE” is a heart-pounding medical thriller where researchers, cornered by a deadly plague, engage in unethical practices while grappling with ecoterrorists, a doomsday cult, and a lamentable lack of chocolate. This intense narrative challenges the moral dilemma of whether the end justifies the means in the race to save lives. Described as “terrifying and breathless” by the North Carolina Writers Network, it’s a gripping exploration of desperation and morality in the face of a global threat.2018
Ripple in the Sea
“Ripples in the Sea” is a gripping historical thriller about a Japanese-American girl determined to restore her family’s honor by infiltrating a WWII Japanese POW camp to rescue victims of medical experiments. This intense narrative provides a rare and insightful look into civilian life in wartime Japan.

Charley Pearson Profile
Genrehumor, medical thriller, historical fiction, fantasy
InfluencesAsimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Jordon, Mark Twain

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