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B.A. Paris: The Mastermind Behind Chilling Psychological Thrillers

Step into the dark and twisted world of B.A. Paris, the bestselling author who has captivated readers with her gripping tales of suspense and betrayal.

Born in England but now residing in France, Paris has drawn from her own life experiences to craft novels that delve into the deepest recesses of the human psyche.

Before her rise to literary fame, Paris worked in finance and as a teacher, honing her skills in understanding the complexities of human behavior. It was her keen observation of a friend’s marriage that sparked the inspiration for her debut novel, “Behind Closed Doors,” a chilling exploration of a seemingly perfect union that hides sinister secrets.

In “Behind Closed Doors,” readers meet Grace and Jack, a charming couple who appear to have it all. But as the story unfolds, the façade of their idyllic life begins to crack, revealing a disturbing truth about Jack’s true nature. Paris masterfully builds tension, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they witness Grace’s desperate struggle to break free from her sadistic husband’s control.

Paris followed up her debut with “The Breakdown,” another gripping psychological thriller that showcases her talent for creating complex, relatable characters. The novel follows Cass Anderson, a woman haunted by the memory of a mysterious woman she saw in the woods on a stormy night. As strange events begin to unfold and Cass’s mental state deteriorates, readers are drawn into a web of paranoia and suspense.

With her skillful blend of domestic drama and psychological suspense, B.A. Paris has become a force to be reckoned with in the thriller genre. Her novels have garnered international acclaim, earning her a spot on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

As a mother of five daughters, Paris draws inspiration from the strength and resilience of women, creating female characters who must navigate the darkest corners of their relationships and their own minds. Her vivid storytelling and keen insight into the human condition have solidified her place as a master of the psychological thriller.

With each new release, B.A. Paris continues to push the boundaries of the genre, delivering heart-pounding tales that leave readers breathless. Her upcoming third novel promises to be another gripping exploration of the secrets that lurk behind closed doors, cementing her status as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary suspense fiction.

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

Behind Closed Doors(2016)
The Breakdown(2017)
Bring Me Back(2018)
The Understudy (With: Sophie Hannah, Clare Mackintosh, Holly Brown)(2019)
The Dilemma(2020)
The Therapist(2021)
The Prisoner(2022)
The Guest(2024)

Obsession Collection Books In Order of Publication

Slot Machine Fever Dreams (By: Chris Bohjalian)(2023)
The Heart of a Mother (By: Julie Clark)(2023)
The Mosquito(2023)
People Like Them (By: Minka Kent)(2023)
Murder at the Royal Ruby (By: Nita Prose)(2023)
Just a Girl (By: Alyssa Cole)(2023)

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