B.A Paris Books In Order

B.A. Paris: The Mastermind Behind Chilling Psychological Thrillers Step into the dark and twisted world of B.A. Paris, the bestselling author who has captivated readers with her gripping tales of suspense and betrayal. Born in England but now residing in France, Paris has drawn from her own life experiences to craft novels that delve into … Read more

Carola Lovering Books In Order – Author of Bye Baby

Carola Lovering Books In Order

Carola Lovering doesn’t just write books; she crafts vivid, living worlds that beckon readers with their authenticity and emotional depth. Born and raised in Connecticut, Carola’s upbringing in a place brimming with New England charm and complexity has significantly influenced her storytelling. Her narratives often explore the nuances of relationships, the complexities of the human … Read more

Sue Grafton Books In Order

Sue Grafton was an American author best known for her groundbreaking “Alphabet Series” of detective novels featuring the intrepid private investigator, Kinsey Millhone. Born on April 24, 1940, in Louisville, Kentucky, Grafton’s literary career was deeply influenced by her early life experiences and her father, C.W. Grafton, himself a detective novelist. This unique upbringing planted … Read more

Jean Hanff Korelitz Books In Order

Below is a list of all the Jean Hanff Korelitz Books In Chronological order of being originally published. Publication Order of Standalone Novels A Jury of Her Peers (1996) The Sabbathday River (1998) Interference Powder (2003) The White Rose (2005) Admission (2009) You Should Have Known (2014) The Devil and Webster (2017) The Plot (2021) … Read more

Alex Michaelides Books In Order

Alex Michaelides

Publication Order of Standalone Novels The Silent Patient (2019) The Maidens (2021) The Fury (2024) More About Alex Michaelides Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Born in 1977 in Cyprus to an English mother and a Greek father, Alex Michaelides grew up immersed in Greek mythology, deeply influenced by Euripides’s play “Alcestis.” This particular story, resonating with themes of … Read more

Jana DeLeon Books In Order

Jana DeLeon is a celebrated American author best known for her humorous mystery and suspense novels. Born and raised in Louisiana, DeLeon’s Southern roots play a significant role in her writing, infusing her stories with a distinct charm and wit reflective of her upbringing. DeLeon’s foray into the world of writing was marked by the … Read more