Steven Brust Books in Order

Steven Brust, born in 1955 in St. Paul, Minnesota, is an American author / novelist best known for his intricate fantasy novels that blend elements of adventure, political intrigue, and a deep exploration of cultural identity.

With a Hungarian heritage that strongly influences his work, Brust infuses his narratives with a rich tapestry of Eastern European folklore and mythology, setting him apart in the fantasy genre.

Brust’s journey into the world of fantasy literature began in the early 1980s with his debut novel, “Jhereg,” introducing readers to the witty and resourceful assassin Vlad Taltos. This character, operating in the complex, layered society of Dragaera, became the center of Brust’s most beloved series.

Through Vlad’s eyes, readers are treated to a world where humans and Dragaerans coexist, each with their distinct cultures and hierarchies, making the series a fascinating study of power dynamics and personal growth.

A distinctive feature of Brust’s writing is his playful experimentation with narrative styles and structures, drawing inspiration from various literary traditions and genres. This approach not only showcases his versatility as a writer but also enriches the reading experience, making each book a unique adventure in storytelling.

Beyond the Vlad Taltos series, Brust has demonstrated his range with forays into science fiction, collaborative works, and contributions to shared universes, proving his adaptability and creativity. His collaborations with other authors, including the “Incrementalists” series co-written with Skyler White, highlight his ability to merge minds and ideas, further expanding his literary landscape.

An accomplished musician and a member of the band Cats Laughing, Brust’s artistic talents extend beyond the written word, reflecting the depth and diversity of his creative pursuits. His engagement with his Hungarian roots, evident in both his writing and music, adds a personal dimension to his work, inviting readers to explore the intersections of story and heritage.

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brust continues to enchant and provoke thought among his readers, cementing his status as a thoughtful and innovative voice in speculative fiction. His body of work, characterized by its cleverness, humor, and the occasional philosophical musing, offers a gateway to worlds where magic and reality intertwine, challenging our perceptions and inviting us to imagine the possibilities beyond.

Vlad Taltos Books In Order of Publication

with Architects Adventure

The Book of Jhereg(1983)
The Desecrator(2011)

Dragaera Books In Order of Publication

with Architects Adventure

Brokedown Palace(1985)

Incrementalists Books In Order of Publication

The Incrementalists(2013)
Fireworks in the Rain(2013)
The Skill of Our Hands(2017)

Khaavren Romances Books In Order of Publication

The Phoenix Guards(1991)
Five Hundred Years After(1994)
The Paths of the Dead(2002)
The Lord of Castle Black(2003)
Sethra Lavode(2004)
The Baron of Magister Valley(2020)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

To Reign In Hell(1984)
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars(1987)
Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill(1990)
The Gypsy(With: Megan Lindholm)(1992)
Freedom and Necessity(With: Emma Bull)(1997)
My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel(2008)
Good Guys(2018)
The Sword of Happenstance(With: Skyler White)(2021)

Crossroads Adventure Books In Order of Publication

with Jody Lynn Nye, Matthew J. Costello, Architects Adventure

Dzurlord A Crossroads Adventure(With: Architects Adventure)(1987)
Revolt on Majipoor(By: Matthew J. Costello)(1987)
Dragonharper(By: Jody Lynn Nye)(1987)
Prospero’s Isle: A Crossroads Adventure in the World of L. Sprague De Camp and Fletcher Pratt’s Incomplete Enchanter(By: Tom Wham)(1987)
Warhorn: In The World Of Lynn Abbey’s Rifkind, Daughter Of The Bright Moon(By: Dana Kramer)(1987)
Encyclopedia of Xanth(By: Jody Lynn Nye)(1987)
Seven No-Trump(By: Neil Randall)(1988)
Dragonfire: McCaffrey’s Pern(By: Jody Lynn Nye)(1988)
Ghost of a Chance(By: Jody Lynn Nye)(1988)
Fate’s Trick(By: Matthew J. Costello)(1988)
Storm of Dust: Take Bath-Cn(By: Neil Randall)(1998)

Anthologies In Order of Publication

First Annual Collection(1988)
Demons & Dreams: The Best Fantasy and Horror 1(1988)
Dreamforge Magazine: Tales of Hope in the Universe; Volume 1(2020)

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