Ingrid Seymour Books In Order

Ingrid Seymour is a USA Today best-selling author who has captivated readers with her diverse range of new adult and young adult fiction. With a passion for storytelling that knows no bounds, Ingrid seamlessly weaves together elements of romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the paranormal to create immersive worlds that keep readers turning pages late into the night.

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When she’s not lost in the depths of her imagination, Ingrid can be found juggling her roles as a software engineer, devoted family member, fitness enthusiast, and culinary adventurer. Her eclectic interests and experiences infuse her writing with a unique blend of authenticity and creativity that resonates with readers across genres.

Ingrid’s love for the written word extends beyond her own craft. An avid reader and self-proclaimed fangirl, she devours books with the same fervor she brings to her own writing. Her belief in the power of dreams and perseverance shines through in her characters, who embody the spirit of a true dreamer and fighter.

Residing in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, two children, and their feline companion Ossie, Ingrid finds solace and inspiration in the halls of her local library. The young adult section is her first stop, but her curiosity knows no limits as she explores the countless stories waiting to be discovered.

With a growing list of series under her belt, including the G.A.P. series, the Morphid Chronicles, the Ignite the Shadows series, the Djinn Empire series, the Dragon’s Creed series (co-authored with Katie French), the Djinn Curse series, the Vampire Court series, Supernatural Academy (with Katie French), Supernatural Prison Camp (with French), the Mate Trackers series, and the Wild Packs series, Ingrid Seymour has established herself as a versatile and prolific author who consistently delivers engaging, emotionally charged stories that leave readers clamoring for more.

For Ingrid, being a writer is a dream come true, and she cherishes the connection she shares with her readers. Every story she pens is a labor of love, and she invites readers to join her on the thrilling journeys she creates, one page at a time.

Demon Hunter Books In Order of Publication

Demon Pride(2021)
Demon Apathy(2021)
Demon Hunger(2022)

Djinn Curse Books In Order of Publication

Blazing Magic / One Wish Away(2016)
Dazzling Fire / Two Hearts Asunder(2017)
Burning Darkness / Three Words Promised(2017)

Dragon’s Creed Books In Order of Publication

with Katie French


The Eldrystone Books In Order of Publication

House of the Raven(2024)
Echoes of the Raven(2024)

G.A.P. Books In Order of Publication

The Guys Are Props Club(2013)
Girls Are Players(2013)

Healer of Kingdoms Books In Order of Publication

A Prince So Cruel(2022)
A Cage So Gilded(2023)
A Court So Dark(2023)

Ignite the Shadows Books In Order of Publication

Ignite the Shadows(2015)
Eclipse the Flame(2017)
Shatter the Darkness(2017)

Jeweled Goddess Books In Order of Publication


Mate Tracker Books In Order of Publication

The Tracker’s Mate(2021)
The Tracker’s Secret(2021)
The Tracker’s Rage(2021)
The Tracker’s Revenge(2021)
The Tracker’s Dawn(2021)

Mating Games Books In Order of Publication

with Katie French

Rejected Mate(2022)
Dark Match(2022)

The Morphid Chronicles Books In Order of Publication


Supernatural Academy Books In Order of Publication

with Katie French

Freshman Witch(2019)
Sophomore Witch(2019)
Junior Witch(2019)
Senior Witch, Fall Semester(2019)
Senior Witch, Spring Semester(2019)

Supernatural Prison Camp Books In Order of Publication

with Katie French

Outcast Fae(2020)
Rebel Fae(2020)
Ruthless Fae(2020)

Vampire Court Books In Order of Publication

White Pawn(2019)
Black Pawn(2019)
White Rook(2019)
Black Rook(2019)
White Knight(2019)
Black Knight(2019)
White Bishop(2019)
Black Bishop(2019)
White Queen(2020)
Black King(2020)

Wild Packs Books In Order of Publication

Howl Of The Rejected(2021)
Blood of the Fallen(2022)
Cry of the Damned(2022)

Short Stories/Novellas In Order of Publication

Ghosts of Halloweens Past(2012)

Anthologies In Order of Publication

Marked by Fate(2017)

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