Robert Dugoni Books In Order

Robert Dugoni is a critically acclaimed American author, renowned for his expertise in crafting legal thrillers and detective novels. Born in Idaho and raised in Northern California, Dugoni’s journey to becoming a best-selling author is as compelling as the stories he writes. He began his career practicing law, a profession that greatly influenced his approach to storytelling and provided a rich background for his legal thrillers.

Dugoni’s literary debut came with the publication of “The Jury Master” in 2006, introducing readers to his skillful blending of legal intrigue and suspense. This novel marked the beginning of a successful writing career, characterized by tightly woven plots, well-drawn characters, and an authentic portrayal of legal and investigative procedures.

Perhaps his most notable work is the Tracy Crosswhite series, starting with “My Sister’s Grave” in 2014. This series features a Seattle-based homicide detective and has been praised for its intricate plotting, character development, and realistic portrayal of police work. Dugoni’s experience in law, along with his deep understanding of human nature, makes the series both credible and engaging.

Beyond the world of legal and crime fiction, Dugoni has also ventured into historical novels, showcasing his versatility as a writer. His stand-alone book “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell” is a departure from thrillers, yet it retains his signature style of in-depth characterization and emotionally resonant storytelling.

Dugoni’s writing style is marked by its accessibility and attention to detail, making his books appealing to a wide range of readers. His ability to weave complex narratives with legal and moral dilemmas has earned him a place among the top writers in the genre of legal thrillers and detective fiction.

Throughout his career, Robert Dugoni has consistently delivered compelling and thought-provoking novels, earning him critical acclaim and a dedicated readership. His work not only provides gripping entertainment but also invites readers to ponder deeper questions of justice, ethics, and the human condition.

Publication Order of Tracy Crosswhite Books

The Academy(2014)
My Sister’s Grave(2014)
Third Watch(2015)
Her Final Breath(2015)
In the Clearing(2016)
The Trapped Girl(2017)
Close to Home(2017)
A Steep Price(2018)
A Cold Trail(2020)
In Her Tracks(2021)
What She Found(2022)
One Last Kill(2023)

Publication Order of Charles Jenkins Books

The Eighth Sister(2019)
The Last Agent(2020)
The Silent Sisters(2022)

Publication Order of David Sloane Books

The Jury Master(2006)
Wrongful Death(2009)
Bodily Harm(2010)
Murder One(2011)
The Conviction(2012)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Damage Control(2007)
The 7th Canon(2016)
The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell(2018)
The World Played Chess(2021)
Her Deadly Game(2023)
A Killing on the Hill(2024)
Beyond Reasonable Doubt(2024)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Cyanide Canary(2004)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Last Line(2021)

Publication Order of Anthologies

Hotel Angeline(2011)
Private Investigations: Mystery Writers on the Secrets, Riddles, and Wonders in Their Lives(2020)
Birds of Prey: The Harlan Coben Challenge(2022)

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