Lin Carter Books In Order

Lin Carter, a notable figure in the world of fantasy and science fiction literature, was born Linwood Vrooman Carter on June 9, 1930, in St. Petersburg, Florida. His contributions as an author, editor, and critic played a significant role in shaping the fantasy genre in the latter half of the 20th century.

Growing up with a passion for the fantastical and the otherworldly, Carter was deeply influenced by the works of classic fantasy authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and Edgar Rice Burroughs. This early love for fantasy set the stage for his future career, where he would become known for his vibrant and imaginative storytelling.

Carter’s foray into the literary world began in the 1950s, but it was during the 1960s and 1970s that he truly made his mark. He became a prominent figure in the then-burgeoning field of fantasy, contributing numerous novels and short stories that expanded the boundaries of the genre. His writing often paid homage to his literary heroes, yet he infused his work with his own unique style and creativity.

Perhaps best known for his “Callisto” and “Thongor” series, Carter’s work was characterized by its rich world-building and adventurous narratives. He had a talent for crafting expansive mythologies and histories, creating universes that were both fantastical and intricately detailed.

Beyond his work as an author, Carter was instrumental in reviving interest in classic fantasy literature. As an editor, he was responsible for the influential Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, which reintroduced readers to many forgotten gems of the fantasy genre. His efforts as an editor and critic helped to establish fantasy as a serious and respected literary genre.

Throughout his career, Lin Carter remained a passionate advocate for fantasy literature, both through his creative endeavors and his critical work.

He passed away on February 7, 1988, but left behind a rich legacy that continues to inspire fantasy readers and writers. Carter’s work and his dedication to the genre he loved so dearly have ensured his place as a beloved and influential figure in the annals of fantasy literature as well as being one of the greatest American novelists.

Delve into the enchanting worlds crafted by Lin Carter with this chronological list of his works. From his earliest forays into fantasy and science fiction to his later creations, explore the full spectrum of his imaginative legacy.

Publication Order of Callisto Books

Jandar of Callisto(1972)
Black Legion of Callisto(1972)
Sky Pirates of Callisto(1973)
Mad Empress of Callisto(1974)
Mind Wizards of Callisto(1975)
Lankar of Callisto(1975)
Ylana of Callisto(1977)
Renegade of Callisto(1978)

Publication Order of Conan (Lancer/Ace) Books

The Return of Conan(By: L. Sprague de Camp)(1957)
Conan the Adventurer(By: Robert E. Howard)(1966)
Conan the Warrior(By: Robert E. Howard)(1967)
Conan the Usurper(By: Robert E. Howard)(1967)
Conan the Conqueror(By: Robert E. Howard)(1967)
Conan the Avenger(By: Robert E. Howard)(1968)
Conan of the Isles(With: L. Sprague de Camp)(1968)
Conan(By: Robert E. Howard)(1968)
Conan the Freebooter(By: Robert E. Howard)(1968)
Conan the Wanderer(1968)
Conan of Cimmeria(With: Robert E. Howard)(1969)
Conan the Buccaneer(With: L. Sprague de Camp)(1971)
Conan of Aquilonia(With: L. Sprague de Camp)(1977)
Conan the Swordsman(With: L. Sprague de Camp,Björn Nyberg)(1978)
Conan and the Sorcerer(By: Andrew J. Offutt)(1978)
Conan the Liberator(With: L. Sprague de Camp)(1979)
Conan: The Road of Kings(By: Karl Edward Wagner)(1979)
Conan: The Sword of Skelos(By: Andrew J. Offutt)(1979)
Conan and the Spider God(By: L. Sprague de Camp)(1980)
Conan the Rebel(By: Poul Anderson)(1980)
Conan the Mercenary(By: Andrew J. Offutt)(1981)

Publication Order of Eric Carstairs of Zanthodon Books

Journey to the Underground World(1979)
Hurok of the Stone Age(1981)
Darya of the Bronze Age(1981)
Eric of Zanthodon(1982)

Publication Order of Flashing Swords! Books with Robert M. Price, Clayton Hinkle

Flashing Swords! #1(1973)
Flashing Swords! #2(1974)
Flashing Swords! #3: Warriors and Wizards(1976)
Flashing Swords! #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians(1977)
Flashing Swords! #5: Demons and Daggers(1981)
Lin Carter’s Flashing Swords! #6: A Sword & Sorcery Anthology(With: Robert M. Price,Clayton Hinkle)(2021)

Publication Order of The Chronicles of Kylix Books

The Quest of Kadji(1971)
The Wizard of Zao(1978)
Kellory the Warlock(1984)

Publication Order of Great Imperium Books

The Man Without a Planet(1966)
Star Rogue(1970)

Publication Order of Green Star Books

Under the Green Star(1972)
When the Green Star Calls(1973)
By the Light of the Green Star(1974)
As the Green Star Rises(1975)
In the Green Star’s Glow(1976)

Publication Order of Terra Magica Books


Publication Order of The Mysteries of Mars Books

The Man Who Loved Mars(1973)
The Valley Where Time Stood Still(1974)
The City Outside the World(1977)
Down to a Sunless Sea(1984)

Publication Order of Hautley Quicksilver Books

The Thief of Thoth(1968)
The Purloined Planet(1969)

Publication Order of Thongor Books

with Robert M. Price

Thongor and The Wizard of Lemuria(1965)
Thongor of Lemuria / Thongor and the Dragon City(1966)
Thongor Against the Gods(1967)
Thongor in the City of Magicians(1968)
Thongor at the End of Time(1968)
Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus(1970)
Young Thongor(2012)
The Sword of Thongor(By: Robert M. Price)(2016)

Publication Order of Weird Tales Books

Weird Tales 1(1981)
Weird Tales 2(1981)
Weird Tales 3(1981)
Weird Tales 4(1983)

Publication Order of World’s End Books

The Warrior of World’s End(1974)
The Enchantress of World’s End(1975)
The Immortal of World’s End(1976)
The Barbarian of World’s End(1977)
The Pirate of World’s End(1978)
Giant of World’s End(1979)

Publication Order of Zarkon – Lord of the Unknown Books

The Nemesis of Evil(1975)
Invisible Death(1975)
The Volcano Ogre(1976)
The Earth-Shaker(1982)
Horror Wears Blue(1987)

Publication Order of Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy Books

Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy #2(1973)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Star Magicians(1966)
The Flame of Iridar(1967)
Tower at the Edge of Time(1968)
Tower of the Medusa(1969)
Lost World of Time(1969)
The Black Star(1973)
Time War(1974)
Tara of the Twilight(1979)
Found Wanting(1985)

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Beyond the Gates of Dream(1969)
Lost Worlds(1980)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Imaginary Worlds(1973)

Publication Order of Poetry Books

Dreams from R’lyeh(1975)

Publication Order of Fantasy Tales Books

Fantasy Tales 1(By: Stephen Jones,David A. Sutton)(1989)
Fantasy Tales 2(By: Stephen Jones,David Sutton)(1990)
Fantasy Tales 3(By: Stephen Jones,David Sutton)(1990)
Fantasy Tales 4(By: Charles L. Grant,Kim Newman,Steve Tem,Stephen Jones,David A. Sutton)(1990)
Fantasy Tales 5(By: Stephen Jones,David Sutton)(1990)
Fantasy Tales 6(By: Stephen Jones,David Sutton)(1991)
Fantasy Tales 7(By: Stephen Jones,David Sutton)(1991)

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Young Magicians(1969)
Dragons, Elves, and Heroes(1969)
Golden Cities, Far(1970)
Swords Against Tomorrow(1970)
New Worlds For Old(1971)
The Spawn of Cthulhu(1971)
Discoveries in Fantasy(1972)
Swordsmen and Supermen(1972)
Nameless Places(1975)
The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 1(1975)
Kingdoms of Sorcery(1976)
Disciples of Cthulhu(1976)
Realms Of Wizardry(1976)
The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 2(1976)
The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 3(1977)
The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 4(1978)
Barbarians 2(1988)
Giant Book of Fantasy Tales(1996)
The Necronomicon(1996)
The Xothic Legend Cycle(1997)
The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack(2012)
The Wildside Book of Fantasy(2012)

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