Jack London Books In Order

Delve into the entire collection of Jack London’s novels, laid out in chronological order, providing a pathway to follow his literary journey from his earliest writings to his later works. We hope you find what you’re looking for in this comprehensive Jack London book list.

Publication Order of Dogs of the Islands Books

Jerry of the Islands(1917)
Michael Brother of Jerry(1917)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Daughter of the Snows(1902)
Burning Daylight(1902)
The Kempton-Wace Letters(1903)
The Sea-Wolf(1904)
The Game(1905)
White Fang(1906)
Before Adam(1906)
Martin Eden(1909)
The Abysmal Brute(1911)
Hearts of Three(1911)
Smoke Bellew(1912)
The Valley of the Moon(1913)
The Star Rover(1914)
The Mutiny of the Elsinore(1914)
Daughters of the Rich(1915)
The Little Lady of the Big House(1916)
The Assassination Bureau, Ltd.(1963)
The Lodger(2015)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Wisdom Of The Trail(1899)
The Man with the Gash(1900)
The God of His Fathers(1901)
The Cruise of the Dazzler(1902)
The Death of Ligoun(1902)
To Build a Fire(1903)
The Shadow and the Flash(1903)
How I Became a Socialist(1903)
The Marriage of Lit-Lit(1903)
Demetrios Contos(1903)
The Call of the Wild and Typhoon(1903)
What Life Means to Me(1905)
Love of Life(1905)
The Enemy of All the World(1907)
Flush of Gold(1907)
The Heathen(1908)
The Iron Heel(1908)
The Taste of the Meat(1910)
The Eternity of Forms(1910)
A Daughter of the Aurora/A Piece of Steak(1911)
The Scarlet Plague(1912)
The Jacket(1914)
At the Rainbow’s End(1914)
When Alice Told Her Soul(1916)
Curious Fragments(1986)
The League of the Old Men(2004)
The Story of Keesh(2008)
The Chinago(2008)
To the Man on the Trail(2008)
A Thousand Deaths(2010)
The Red One(2014)
The Men of the Forty Mile(2014)
Hoboes That Pass in the Night(2014)
The Fuzziness of Hoockla-Heen(2014)
The First Poet(2014)
The Hanging of Cultus George(2014)
A Flutter in Eggs(2014)
The King of Mazy May(2014)
Jack London – The Son of the Wolf(2017)
The Faith of Men(2017)
The Night Born(2019)
The Call of the Wild –(2019)

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Son of the Wolf(1900)
Dutch Courage and Other Stories(1900)
The Faith of Men and Other Stories(1902)
Children of the Frost(1902)
A Daughter of the Aurora(1902)
Amateur Night(1903)
The Call of the Wild and Selected Stories(1905)
Tales of the Fish Patrol(1905)
Brown Wolf and Other Stories(1906)
A Day’s Lodging(1906)
The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and Other Stories(1906)
Brown Wolf(1906)
Moon-Face and Other Stories(1906)
The Passing of Marcus O’Brien(1907)
Aloha OE(1908)
To Build a Fire and Other Stories(1908)
The Strength of the Strong(1909)
The Madness of John Harned(1909)
The Benefit of the Doubt(1910)
South Sea Tales(With: Tony Horwitz)(1911)
A Son of the Sun(1912)
The Yukon writings of Jack London(1912)
The House of Pride(1912)
The Night-Born and Other Stories(1913)
In Hawaii with Jack London(1916)
The Turtles of Tasman(1916)
The Human Drift(1917)
On the Makaloa Mat(1919)
The Bones of Kahekili(1919)
The Sun-Dog Trail And Other Stories(1951)
Jack London’s California: The Golden Poppy and Other Writings(1955)
White Fang, and Other Stories(1963)
The Sea-Wolf and Other Stories(1964)
Stories of Hawaii(1965)
The Call of the Wild and Other Stories(1965)
The Science Fiction Stories of Jack London(1975)
The Unabridged Jack London(1981)
Klondike Tales(1982)
The Dream of Debs/Account of the San Francisco Cooks & Waiters Strike(1985)
Tales of Hawaii(1989)
Tales of the Pacific(1989)
The Collected Jack London(1991)
Five Great Short Stories(1992)
Northland Stories(1997)
Fantastic Tales(1998)
The Plays of Jack London(2000)
Jack London in Aloha-Land(2000)
Lost Face And Other Stories(2005)
Stories of Ships and the Sea(2006)
Jack London’s Tales of Cannibals and Headhunters(2006)
The Asian Writings of Jack London(2009)
San Francisco Stories(2010)
Sailing Ships and Other Adventures(2011)
Island Tales…(2012)
The Science Fiction of Jack London(2012)
Uncollected Stories(2013)
When God Laughs and Other Stories(2013)
‘The Turtles of Tasman’ and Other Stories(2013)
‘The Red One’ and Other Stories(2013)
‘The Strength of the Strong’ and Other Stories(2013)
The Curious Fragment(2013)
The Classic Works of Jack London(2014)
The Leopard Man’s Story(2014)
The Complete Poetry of Jack London(2014)
Negore the Coward(2014)
Small-Boat Sailing(2014)
The Complete Short Stories of Jack London, Volume 1(2015)
The Complete Short Stories of Jack London, Volume 2(2015)
The Complete Short Stories of Jack London, Volume 3(2015)
The Poetical Works of Jack London(2015)
Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories(2016)
Tales of the Klondyke(2016)
Jack London – Moon-Face & Other Stories(2016)
Jack London – The Science Fiction Stories – Volume 2(2017)
Lost Face.(2018)
Love Of Life And Other Stories(2019)
Love of Life & Other Stories Illustrated(2019)
Jack London Dog Stories(2019)
Jack London’s Stories for Boys(2020)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The People of the Abyss(1903)
The War of the Classes(1906)
The Cruise of the Snark(1907)
The Road(1907)
Revolution and Other Essays(1909)
John Barleycorn(1913)
Essays of Revolt(1926)
No Mentor But Myself(1978)
Sporting Blood: Selections from Jack London’s Greatest Sports Writing(1981)
Our Hawaii(2015)

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories(1921)
Great Tales of Action and Adventure(1958)
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1959(1959)
50 Great American Short Stories(1963)
A St. Nicholas Anthology(1969)
21 Great Stories(1969)
Perspectives in Literature: A Book of Short Stories, Vol. 1(1983)
Adventure Stories for Boys and Girls(1985)
Mysterious Sea Stories(1987)
100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories(1993)
The Campfire Collection: Spine-tingling Tales to Tell in the Dark(2000)
The Little Big Book of California(2005)
The Arctic: an anthology of the finest writing on the Arctic and the Antarctic(2007)
San Francisco Noir 2(2009)
50 Classic Novellas(2011)
The Most Dangerous Game and Other Stories of Adventure(2011)
Easy Reading for Difficult Devils: An Anthology of Dark Fiction(2014)
Beach Books Anthology(2023)

More About Jack London – Author Bio

Jack London, an iconic American author best known for his vivid tales of adventure and survival, was born on January 12, 1876, in San Francisco, California. His life, much like his writing, was characterized by vigor, restlessness, and a relentless quest for meaning in a rapidly changing world.

London’s early life was marred by poverty and hardship. He spent his youth working in various grueling jobs, including laboring in a cannery, oyster pirating, and hoboing across the United States. These experiences not only shaped his worldview but also provided fertile ground for his later writing, which often centered on themes of struggle, endurance, and the raw power of nature.

Driven by a thirst for adventure and a voracious appetite for reading, London educated himself at public libraries, immersing himself in the works of great authors. His literary career began in earnest when he started publishing stories in magazines, a pursuit that eventually led to his recognition as a major literary figure.

London’s breakout novel, “The Call of the Wild” (1903), catapulted him to fame. The story of Buck, a domesticated dog turned sled dog in the harsh Alaskan wilderness, resonated with readers for its exploration of primal instincts and the human-animal bond. This novel, along with “White Fang” and “The Sea-Wolf,” cemented London’s reputation as a master of adventure and wilderness narratives.

Beyond adventure tales, London’s writing also delved into social and political themes. A self-proclaimed socialist, he often critiqued capitalism and explored alternative social structures in his works. His experiences in the Klondike Gold Rush and as a war correspondent informed his perspectives and enriched his storytelling.

Despite his success, London’s life was not without personal struggles. He battled health issues and faced various personal and financial challenges. His relentless work ethic and his adventurous spirit, however, never waned.

Jack London’s untimely death at the age of 40 on November 22, 1916, left a legacy of literature that continues to captivate readers. His works remain widely read and have been adapted into numerous films and TV shows. London’s life and writing continue to inspire, a testament to his enduring influence as a storyteller who vividly captured the human spirit’s resilience and the wild’s call.

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