Naomi Alderman Books In Order

Naomi Alderman, a British novelist and game designer, has emerged as a powerful voice in contemporary literature, known for her thought-provoking and boundary-pushing narratives. Born in London in 1974, Alderman’s upbringing in an Orthodox Jewish community has profoundly influenced her writing, infusing it with a depth of cultural and philosophical insight.

Alderman’s literary debut came in 2006 with “Disobedience,” a novel that explores themes of faith, sexuality, and the complexities of life within an Orthodox Jewish community. This work not only received critical acclaim but also demonstrated Alderman’s fearless approach to tackling sensitive and often controversial subjects. Her portrayal of characters caught between the demands of tradition and the pull of modern life resonates with a universal audience, highlighting the struggles of identity and belonging.

Perhaps her most acclaimed work, “The Power,” published in 2016, catapulted Alderman into the global literary spotlight. This speculative fiction novel, which won the prestigious Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, imagines a world where women develop the ability to release electrical jolts from their fingers, effectively reversing gender dynamics globally. Alderman’s exploration of power dynamics, gender politics, and societal change in “The Power” is both a riveting narrative and a profound commentary on the nature of power and its impact on human relationships and social structures.

Alderman’s writing style is marked by its sharpness, wit, and a keen sense of narrative pacing. Her ability to weave complex themes into engaging stories is a testament to her skill as a storyteller. She challenges readers to question their assumptions and view the world from different, often unsettling perspectives.

In addition to her novels, Alderman has made significant contributions to the world of digital storytelling. She co-created “Zombies, Run!”, an immersive running game and audio adventure, which has become a global phenomenon. This innovative approach to storytelling, blending interactive technology with narrative, further showcases Alderman’s versatility and creative vision.

Alderman also engages with the literary community through her role as a mentor and educator. Her commitment to nurturing new writing talent is evident in her work with the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, where she mentored a younger writer, and her involvement in various literary workshops and panels.

Naomi Alderman’s impact on contemporary literature lies not just in her compelling narratives but in her ability to challenge and expand the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Her exploration of power, identity, and societal norms continues to resonate with readers worldwide, marking her as a significant figure in the landscape of modern fiction.

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lessons(2011)
The Liars’ Gospel(2012)
The Power(2016)
The Future(2023)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Zombies, Run!(2016)

Publication Order of Doctor Who: New Adventures Books

The Clockwise Man(By: Justin Richards)(2005)
The Monsters Inside(By: Stephen Cole)(2005)
Winner Takes All(By: Jacqueline Rayner)(2005)
The Deviant Strain(By: Justin Richards)(2005)
Only Human(By: Gareth Roberts)(2005)
The Stealers of Dreams(By: Steve Lyons)(2005)
The Stone Rose(By: Jacqueline Rayner)(2006)
The Feast of the Drowned(By: Stephen Cole)(2006)
The Resurrection Casket(By: Justin Richards)(2006)
The Nightmare of Black Island(By: Mike Tucker)(2006)
The Art of Destruction(By: Stephen Cole)(2006)
The Price of Paradise(By: Colin Brake)(2006)
The Pirate Loop(By: Simon Guerrier)(2007)
Sting of the Zygons(By: Stephen Cole)(2007)
Doctor Who: Wooden Heart(By: Martin Day)(2007)
The Last Dodo(By: Jacqueline Rayner)(2007)
Wooden Heart(By: Martin Day)(2007)
Sick Building(By: Paul Magrs)(2007)
Forever Autumn(By: Mark Morris)(2007)
Wetworld(By: Mark Michalowski)(2007)
Wishing Well(By: Trevor Baxendale)(2007)
The Pirate Loop(By: Simon Guerrier)(2007)
Peacemaker(By: James Swallow)(2007)
The Many Hands(By: Dale Smith)(2008)
Martha in the Mirror(By: Justin Richards)(2008)
Snowglobe 7(By: Mike Tucker)(2008)
The Many Hands(By: Dale Smith)(2008)
Ghosts of India(By: Mark Morris)(2008)
The Doctor Trap(By: Simon Messingham)(2008)
Shining Darkness(By: Mark Michalowski)(2008)
The Story of Martha(By: Dan Abnett)(2008)
The Eyeless(By: Lance Parkin)(2008)
Prisoner of the Daleks(By: Trevor Baxendale)(2009)
Judgement of the Judoon(By: Colin Brake)(2009)
The Slitheen Excursion(By: Simon Guerrier)(2009)
Prisoner of the Daleks(By: Trevor Baxendale)(2009)
The Taking of Chelsea 426(By: David Llewellyn)(2009)
Autonomy(By: Daniel Blythe)(2009)
The Krillitane Storm(By: Christopher Cooper)(2009)
The Glamour Chase(By: Gary Russell)(2010)
Nuclear Time(By: Oli Smith)(2010)
Apollo 23(By: Justin Richards)(2010)
Night of the Monsters(By: David Llewellyn)(2010)
The Forgotten Army(By: Brian Minchin)(2010)
Nuclear Time(By: Oli Smith)(2010)
The King’s Dragon(By: Una McCormack)(2010)
Coming of the Terraphiles(By: Michael Moorcock)(2010)
Dead of Winter(By: James Goss)(2011)
The Way Through the Woods(By: Una McCormack)(2011)
Hunter’s Moon(By: Paul Finch)(2011)
Touched by An Angel(By: Jonathan Morris)(2011)
Paradox Lost(By: George Mann)(2011)
Borrowed Time(2011)
The Silent Stars Go By(By: Dan Abnett)(2011)
Dark Horizons(By: Jenny Colgan)(2012)
The Dalek Generation(By: Nicholas Briggs)(2013)
Shroud of Sorrow(By: Tommy Donbavand)(2013)
Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen(By: Justin Richards)(2013)
The Crawling Terror(By: Mike Tucker)(2014)
Silhouette(By: Justin Richards)(2014)
The Crawling Terror(By: Mike Tucker)(2014)
Engines of War(By: George Mann)(2014)
The Blood Cell(By: James Goss)(2014)
Royal Blood(By: Una McCormack)(2015)
Deep Time(By: Trevor Baxendale)(2015)
In the Blood(By: Justin Richards,Jenny Colgan)(2016)
The Shining Man(By: Cavan Scott)(2017)
Diamond Dogs(By: Mike Tucker)(2017)
Plague City(By: Jonathan Morris)(2017)
The Good Doctor(By: Juno Dawson)(2018)
Molten Heart(By: Una McCormack)(2018)
Combat Magicks(By: Steve Cole)(2018)
At Childhood’s End(By: Sophie Aldred)(2020)

Publication Order of Doctor Who: New Adventures Books

X-24: Unclassified(2007)
New Writings in the Fantastic(2007)
Exquisite Corpse(2013)
Jews vs Aliens(2015)
Doctor Who: Thirteen Doctors, 13 Stories(2019)
Marple: Twelve New Mysteries(2022)
A Cage Went in Search of a Bird: Ten Kafkaesque Stories(2024)

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