Dee Henderson Books In Order

Explore the captivating world of Dee Henderson through this comprehensive list of her books, meticulously organized in their order of publication.

Publication Order of O’Malley Books

The Negotiator(1999)
Danger in the Shadows(1999)
The Guardian(2001)
The Truth Seeker(2001)
The Protector(2001)
The Healer(2002)
The Rescuer(2003)
Danger in the Shadows is a prequel novel to the novel The Negotiator.

Publication Order of Uncommon Heroes Books

True Devotion(2000)
True Valor(2002)
True Honor(2002)
True Courage / Kidnapped(2004)

Publication Order of Evie Blackwell Cold Case Books

Traces of Guilt(2016)
Threads of Suspicion(2017)

Publication Order of Cost Of Betrayal Short Stories/Novellas


Publication Order of Sins of the Past Books


Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Marriage Wish(1997)
God’s Gift(1998)
Before I Wake(2003)
The Witness(2006)
Full Disclosure(2012)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

An Unfinished Death(2017)
The Good News Project(2019)

Publication Order of Sins of the Past Books

with Dani Pettrey, Lynette Eason

Sins of the Past(With: Dani Pettrey,Lynette Eason)(2016)
Blackout(By: Lynette Eason)(2016)

Dee Henderson Author Profile

GenreChristian, Non-fiction, Romance

More about Dee Henderson – Author Bio

Dee Henderson, an acclaimed author known for her Christian-themed suspense novels, has carved a distinct niche in the realm of inspirational fiction. Her stories, often woven with threads of mystery and faith, resonate deeply with readers seeking both excitement and spiritual depth.

Born in Illinois, Henderson’s Midwestern roots are evident in the down-to-earth characters and realistic settings she portrays in her books. A lifelong reader, Henderson’s journey to becoming a writer was sparked by her love for storytelling and a vivid imagination. She pursued a degree in engineering, which provided a unique analytical perspective that she later applied to her intricate plotlines and character development.

Henderson made her literary debut with “The Negotiator,”

introducing readers to her signature blend of suspense and inspirational themes. This novel marked the beginning of her popular O’Malley series, which gained her a loyal following and established her as a significant figure in Christian fiction. The series revolves around the lives and challenges of seven siblings, each story delving into themes of faith, love, and danger, set against the backdrop of various high-stakes professions.

What sets Henderson’s work apart is her ability to craft compelling suspense narratives without sacrificing the depth and authenticity of her characters’ spiritual journeys. Her novels often explore the struggles and triumphs of faith in the face of adversity, making her stories both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Beyond the O’Malley series, Henderson has written several other books and series, including the Uncommon Heroes series and standalone novels, each further showcasing her talent for melding suspenseful scenarios with rich, faith-based character arcs.

Her writing style is characterized by a keen attention to detail, well-researched backdrops, and an ability to create relatable, multidimensional characters. Henderson’s novels are more than just suspenseful tales; they offer a window into the complexities of balancing faith with the challenges of daily life.

Dee Henderson remains a beloved figure in the genre of Christian suspense, respected not just for her storytelling prowess but also for her contribution to Christian literature. Her books continue to be a source of both entertainment and inspiration, offering a unique blend of suspense and faith that captivates a wide range of readers.

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