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Sandra Bretting brings a unique flair to the mystery genre, crafting stories that blend intrigue with the charm of Southern settings. A native of Southern California, Bretting’s journey to becoming an author took a scenic route through the world of journalism.

After earning her degree from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the country, Bretting honed her skill for storytelling by working for newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle.

It’s this foundation in factual reporting that lends her fictional narratives a sense of authenticity and detail.

Transitioning from news articles to the world of cozy mysteries, Bretting found her niche and her audience. Her most acclaimed work, the “Missy DuBois Mystery” series, showcases her ability to weave suspense and humor with a light touch, set against the backdrop of Louisiana’s bayous and the intriguing world of wedding hat design. Missy DuBois, her spirited protagonist, is not just a milliner with a knack for haute couture but also has a talent for unraveling the mysteries that she stumbles upon in the sleepy town of Bleu Bayou.

What sets Bretting apart in the crowded field of mystery writers is not just her plots that keep readers guessing or her vividly drawn characters; it’s her voice. It carries the warmth of the South, the brisk pace of journalistic clarity, and a wit that sparkles even in the midst of suspense. Her books are an invitation to a world where the charm of small-town life meets the thrill of the whodunit, all served with a side of Southern hospitality.

Beyond the world of Missy DuBois, Bretting’s versatility shines through in her standalone novels and other series, exploring different facets of mystery and crime with the same engaging prose and keen eye for human nature.

Sandra Bretting’s work is a celebration of storytelling, a blend of meticulous detail and imaginative plot twists that prove mysteries can be both cozy and compelling.

Today, Bretting continues to write from her home in Texas, drawing inspiration from the landscapes and communities around her. With each book, she cements her place as a storyteller who captures the essence of place and the intricacies of human intentions, making her a cherished name for lovers of cozy mysteries and beyond.

Missy DuBois Mystery Books In Order Publication

Murder at Morningside(2016)
Something Foul at Sweetwater(2016)
Someone’s Mad at the Hatter(2017)
Death Comes to Dogwood Manor(2018)
All Hats on Deck(2019)
What the Hatmaker Heard(2020)

Standalone Novels In Order Publication

Unholy Lies(2012)
Bless the Dying(2014)
The Safecracker’s Secret(2021)

Religious Books In Order Publication

Shameless Persistence: Lessons from a Modern Miracle(2019)

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