Julie Garwood Books In Order

Julie Garwood, an esteemed author in the romance genre, has captured the hearts of readers with her engaging blend of historical and contemporary romance novels. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Garwood’s writing journey is marked by her unique ability to bring together captivating romance, compelling narratives, and memorable characters.

Garwood’s foray into the literary world began with historical romances, where she quickly established herself as a master of the genre. Her early works, such as “The Bride” and “The Secret,” set in medieval and highland settings, are renowned for their rich historical detail, spirited heroines, and enthralling romantic plots. Her ability to weave accurate historical elements with passionate love stories has garnered her a dedicated fanbase.

Transitioning to contemporary romance, Garwood maintained her signature style of compelling storytelling. Her foray into modern settings did not diminish her flair for creating vibrant characters and engaging romantic plots. Novels like “Heartbreaker” and “Mercy” display her versatility and ability to adapt to different romantic sub-genres, blending suspense and intrigue with romance.

Julie Garwood’s writing is characterized by its lively dialogue, endearing characters, and well-crafted story arcs that often involve themes of love overcoming obstacles. Her books have not only entertained countless readers but have also made significant contributions to the romance genre.

With over thirty-five million copies of her books in print, Julie Garwood has made an indelible mark on the world of romance literature. Her continued popularity and the enduring appeal of her stories attest to her talent as a storyteller and her understanding of the elements that make romance novels both enjoyable and meaningful.

Publication Order of Girls of Canby Hall Books

What’s a Girl to Do?(1985)

Publication Order of Crown’s Spies Books

The Lion’s Lady(1988)
Guardian Angel(1990)
The Gift(1991)

Publication Order of Lairds’ Brides Books

The Bride(1989)
The Wedding(1996)

Publication Order of Highlands’ Lairds Books

The Secret(1992)
Shadow Music(2007)

Publication Order of Claybornes of Rose Hill Books

For the Roses(1995)
One Pink Rose(1997)
One White Rose(1997)
One Red Rose(1997)
Come the Spring(1997)

Publication Order of Buchanan-Renard-MacKenna Books

Murder List(2004)
Slow Burn(2005)
Shadow Dance(2006)
Fire and Ice(2008)
The Ideal Man(2011)
Sweet Talk(2012)
Fast Track(2014)
Grace Under Fire(2022)

Publication Order of Wildfire Books

The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini(By: Jill Ross Klevin)(1978)
That’s My Girl(By: Jill Ross Klevin)(1980)
A Kiss for Tomorrow(By: Maud Johnson)(1981)
The Best of Friends(By: Jill Ross Klevin)(1981)
Dreams Can Come True(By: Jane Claypool Miner)(1981)
An April Love Story(By: Caroline B. Cooney)(1981)
He Loves Me Not(By: Caroline B. Cooney)(1982)
Searching Heart(By: Barbara Steiner)(1982)
Senior Class(By: Jane Claypool Miner)(1982)
Cindy(By: Deborah Kent)(1982)
Christy’s Choice(By: Maud Johnson)(1982)
The Boy For Me(By: Jane Claypool Miner)(1983)
Nancy & Nick(By: Caroline B. Cooney)(1983)
Make a Wish(By: Nancy Smiler Levinson,Owen Brown)(1983)
Saturday Night Date(By: Maud Johnson)(1983)
Holly in Love(By: Caroline B. Cooney)(1983)
Christy’s Senior Year(By: Maud Johnson)(1984)
Call Me(By: Jane Claypool Miner)(1984)
Nice Girls Don’t(By: Caroline B. Cooney)(1984)
Miss Perfect(By: Jill Ross Klevin)(1984)
Christy’s Love(By: Maud Johnson)(1984)
The Boy Next Door(By: Vicky Martin)(1984)
Loving That O’Connor Boy(By: Diane Hoh)(1985)
Love to the Rescue(By: Deborah Kent)(1985)
Senior Dreams Can Come True(By: Jane Claypool Miner)(1985)
A Girl Named Summer(1986)
Dating Blues(By: Maud Johnson)(1986)
Brian’s Girl(By: Diane Hoh)(1986)
Secret Love(By: Barbara Steiner)(1986)
Sixteen Can Be Sweet(By: Maud Johnson)(1988)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Gentle Warrior(1985)
Rebellious Desire(1986)
The Prize(1991)
Honor’s Splendour(1991)
Saving Grace(1993)
Prince Charming(1994)

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