Ann Cleeves Books In Order

Ann Cleeves, a masterful British crime writer, brings to life captivating mysteries set against richly painted landscapes. Born on October 24, 1954, in Herefordshire, England, Cleeves’ journey to becoming a bestselling author is as intriguing as her novels.

Growing up in the English countryside, Cleeves developed a deep love for nature and the outdoors, elements that later became integral to her writing. Her path to literary success was not straightforward.

After dropping out of university, Cleeves embarked on various jobs, including working as a probation officer, bird observatory cook, and auxiliary coastguard. These diverse experiences enriched her understanding of people and places, fuelling her creative storytelling.

Cleeves burst onto the literary scene with her debut novel, “A Bird in the Hand,” in 1986, marking the beginning of her illustrious writing career. However, it was her later works that catapulted her to fame.

Her ‘Shetland’ series, introduced with “Raven Black” in 2006, is a riveting collection of crime novels set against the stark, beautiful backdrop of the Shetland Islands. The series’ protagonist, Detective Jimmy Perez, is a thoughtful and complex character, much like the islands he inhabits.

Following the success of the ‘Shetland’ series, Cleeves created another hit series, the ‘Vera Stanhope’ novels, starting with “The Crow Trap” in 1999. The series features the unorthodox and caustic yet deeply intelligent Detective Vera Stanhope. Set in the Northumberland countryside, these stories blend intricate mysteries with vividly drawn settings and characters.

Cleeves’ writing style is characterized by its detailed sense of place, complex characters, and tightly woven plots. Her books are more than just crime novels; they are studies of communities and landscapes, exploring how environment shapes lives and actions.

Her work has not only garnered a legion of readers worldwide but has also been adapted into successful television series, bringing her captivating stories and characters to a broader audience.

Ann Cleeves stands out in the world of crime fiction for her ability to intertwine the beauty and brutality of nature with the dark corners of human nature. Her novels are not just investigations into crimes but explorations of the human condition, making her a standout voice in British crime literature.

Palmer-Jones Books In Order of Publication

A Bird in the Hand(1986)
Come Death And High Water(1988)
Murder In Paradise(1988)
A Prey To Murder(1989)
Another Man’s Poison(1992)
Sea Fever(1993)
The Mill On The Shore(1994)
High Island Blues(1996)

Inspector Ramsay Books In Order of Publication

A Lesson In Dying(1990)
Murder In My Backyard(1991)
A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy(1992)
The Healers(1995)
The Baby Snatcher(1997)

Vera Stanhope Books In Order of Publication

The Crow Trap(1999)
Telling Tales(2005)
Hidden Depths(2007)
Silent Voices(2010)
The Glass Room(2012)
Harbour Street(2014)
The Moth Catcher(2015)
The Seagull(2017)
The Darkest Evening(2020)
The Woman on the Island(2022)
The Rising Tide(2022)

Shetland Island Books In Order of Publication

Raven Black(2006)
White Nights(2008)
Red Bones(2009)
Blue Lightning(2010)
Dead Water(2013)
Thin Air(2014)
Too Good To Be True(2016)
Cold Earth(2016)
Wild Fire(2018)

Shetland Island Non-Fiction Books In Order of Publication


Two Rivers Books In Order of Publication

The Long Call(2019)
The Heron’s Cry(2021)
The Girls on the Shore(2022)
The Raging Storm(2023)

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

The Sleeping and the Dead(2001)
Burial of Ghosts(2003)

Short Stories/Novellas In Order of Publication

Dreaming of Rain and Peter Lovesey(2016)

Collections In Order of Publication


Anthologies In Order of Publication

Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories: A Murder Squad Anthology(2011)
The Library Book(2012)
The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime Volume 10.(2013)
Deadly Pleasures(2013)
The Starlings & Other Stories(2015)
Crime Writers: A Decade of Crime(2016)
CWA Anthology of Short Stories: Mystery Tour(2017)
Ten Year Stretch(2018)
Bloody Scotland(2019)
Many Deadly Returns(2021)
An Unnecessary Assassin(2023)

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