Kat Martin Books In Order

Kat Martin, a prolific and celebrated author, has made a significant impact in the genres of romance and suspense, enchanting readers with her compelling storytelling and dynamic characters. Born in California, Martin’s career in literature is distinguished by her expansive body of work, which skillfully blends elements of romance, adventure, and intrigue.

Martin embarked on her literary journey with historical romance novels, quickly gaining acclaim for her ability to create vivid settings, engaging narratives, and passionate love stories. Her historical romances, such as those in the “Southern” and “Heartless” series, showcase her talent for weaving intricate plots set against richly detailed historical backdrops.

In addition to her historical romances, Martin has also ventured into contemporary romantic suspense, demonstrating her versatility as a writer. Her “Against” series, for example, is a collection of modern romantic thrillers that combine fast-paced action with deep emotional connections. These books have further established her as a master of multiple romance sub-genres.

Martin’s writing is characterized by her strong, relatable heroines, compelling heroes, and a seamless blend of romance and suspense. She has a knack for creating stories that are both thrilling and emotionally satisfying, making her a favorite among readers who enjoy romance novels with a twist of danger and excitement.

With dozens of novels to her name and numerous bestsellers, Kat Martin’s contribution to the world of romance and suspense literature is considerable. Her works not only provide captivating escapism but also reflect the diverse and evolving nature of the romance genre. Her ongoing endeavors in writing continue to delight and thrill her loyal readership, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in contemporary fiction.

Publication Order of Blood Ties Booksc(with Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti)

One Last Kiss(2021)
The Last Goodnight(2021)
The Last Mile(2022)
One Last Chance(2022)
Peril(With: Alexandra Ivy,Rebecca Zanetti)(2023)

Publication Order of BOSS, Inc. Books

Into the Fury(2016)
Into the Whirlwind(2016)
Into the Firestorm(2017)

Publication Order of Bride’s Trilogy Books

Royal’s Bride(2009)
Reese’s Bride(2009)
Rule’s Bride(2010)

Publication Order of Brodies Of Alaska Books

Against the Heart(2013)
Against the Wild(2014)
Against the Sky(2015)
Against the Tide(2015)

Publication Order of Clayton Books

Wicked Promise(1998)
Perfect Sin(2000)

Publication Order of Dreyerville, Michigan Books

The Christmas Clock(2009)
A Song for My Mother(2011)

Publication Order of Garrick Books

Gypsy Lord(1992)
Sweet Vengeance(1993)
Devil’s Prize(1995)

Publication Order of Heartless/Fire Trilogy Books

The Fire Inside(2002)
Fanning the Flame(2002)

Publication Order of Heart Trilogy Books

Heart of Honor(2006)
Heart of Fire(2007)
Heart of Courage(2008)

Publication Order of Kingsland Books

Innocence Undone(1997)
Dangerous Passions(1998)

Publication Order of Litchfield Books

Nothing But Velvet(1997)
Silk and Steel(2004)

Publication Order of Maximum Security Books

Wait Until Dark(2018)
After the Sunrise(2018)
The Conspiracy / Until Midnight(2019)
Shadows at Dawn(2019)
The Deception(2019)
Before Nightfall(2020)
The Ultimate Betrayal / The Betrayal(2020)
Come Midnight(2021)
The Perfect Murder(2021)

Publication Order of Necklace Trilogy Books

The Bride’s Necklace(2005)
The Devil’s Necklace(2005)
The Handmaiden’s Necklace(2006)

Publication Order of Paranormal I Books

The Silent Rose(1994)
The Dream(1995)
The Secret(2001)
The first two books of this series were written under the pen name Kasey Mars.

Publication Order of Paranormal II Books

Scent of Roses(By: )(2006)
The Summit(2007)
Season of Strangers(2008)

Publication Order of Raines Of Wind Canyon Books

Against the Wind(2010)
Against the Fire(2011)
Against the Law(2011)
Against the Storm(2011)
Against the Night(2012)
Against the Sun(2012)
Against the Odds(2012)
Against the Edge(2013)
Against the Mark(2013)

Publication Order of Sinclair Sisters Trilogy Books

Midnight Sun(2003)
Desert Heat(2004)
Deep Blue(2005)

Publication Order of Southern Books

Creole Fires(1992)
Savannah Heat(1992)
Natchez Flame(1994)

Publication Order of Texas Trilogy Books

Beyond Reason(2017)
Beyond Danger(2018)
Beyond Control(2018)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Magnificent Passage(1988)
Dueling Hearts(1989)
Tin Angel(With: L.J. Martin)(1989)
Captain’s Bride(1990)
Lover’s Gold(1991)
Bold Angel(1994)
Midnight Rider(1996)
Night Secrets(1999)
Hot Rain(2002)
Secret Ways(2003)
The Ghost Illusion(2023)

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Christmas Angel(2013)
Outlaw Ghost(2019)

Publication Order of Anthologies

‘Tis the Season(1999)
The Haunted West, Vol. 1(2018)
Rebel Hearts Anthology(2022)

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