Karen Kingsbury Books In Order

Explore the complete collection of Karen Kingsbury’s novels, presented in chronological order to guide you through her literary journey from debut to recent works.

Baxter Family Reading Order:

  1. Redemption Series
  2. Firstborn Series
  3. Sunrise Series
  4. Above The Line Series
  5. Bailey Flanigan Series
  6. Coming Home Book

(“The Baxter Family” books can be read after that and are all standalone)

Above the Line Books in Publication Order

Take One(2009)
Take Two(2009)
Take Three(2010)
Take Four(2010)

Angels Walking Books in Publication Order

Angels Walking(2014)
Chasing Sunsets(2015)
Brush of Wings(2017)

Bailey Flanigan Books in Publication Order


The Baxter Family Books in Publication Order

A Baxter Family Christmas(2016)
Love Story(2017)
In This Moment(2017)
To the Moon and Back(2018)
When We Were Young(2018)
Two Weeks(2020)
Someone Like You(2020)
Truly, Madly, Deeply(2020)
Forgiving Paris(2021)
The Baxters: A Prequel(2022)

Baxter Family Children Books in Publication Order

with Tyler Russell

Best Family Ever(2019)
Finding Home(2020)
Never Grow Up(2021)
Adventure Awaits(With: Tyler Russell)(2022)
Being Baxters(With: Tyler Russell)(2023)

The Bridge Books in Publication Order

The Beginning(2012)
The Bridge(2012)

Cody Gunner Books in Publication Order

A Thousand Tomorrows(2005)
Just Beyond the Clouds(2007)
This Side of Heaven(2009)

Coming Home Books in Publication Order

Coming Home(2012)

Lost Love Books in Publication Order

Even Now(2005)
Ever After(2006)

Firstborn Books in Publication Order


Forever Faithful Books in Publication Order

Waiting for Morning(1999)
A Moment of Weakness(2000)
Halfway to Forever(2002)

Heart of the Story Books in Publication Order

The Family of Jesus(2014)
The Friends of Jesus(2015)

Liberty University Short Stories/Novellas in Publication Order

Once Upon a Campus(2016)

Red Gloves Books in Publication Order

Gideon’s Gift(2002)
Maggie’s Miracle(2003)
Sarah’s Song(2004)
Hannah’s Hope(2005)

Redemption Books in Publication Order


September 11 Books in Publication Order

One Tuesday Morning(2003)
Beyond Tuesday Morning(2004)
Every Now & Then / Remember Tuesday Morning(2008)

Sunrise Books in Publication Order


Timeless Love Books in Publication Order

A Time to Dance(2001)
A Time to Embrace(2002)

Standalone Novels

Where Yesterday Lives(1998)
When Joy Came to Stay(2000)
On Every Side(2001)
Oceans Apart(2002)
Like Dandelion Dust(2006)
Between Sundays(2007)
Shades of Blue(2008)
The Chance(2013)
Fifteen Minutes(2013)
A Distant Shore(2021)
Just Once(2023)

Publication Order of Picture Books

Go Ahead and Dream(2000)
Let Me Hold You Longer(2004)
Let’s Go on a Mommy Date(2008)
We Believe in Christmas(2008)
The Princess and the Three Knights(2009)
Let’s Have a Daddy Day(2010)
Brave Young Knight(2011)
Far Flutterby(2012)
Always Daddy’s Princess(2013)
Whatever You Grow Up to Be(2014)
Forever My Little Boy(2016)
Forever My Little Girl(2016)

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

A Treasury of Christmas Miracles(2001)
A Treasury of Miracles for Women(2002)
A Treasury of Miracles for Teens(2003)
A Treasury of Miracles for Friends(2004)
A Treasury of Adoption Miracles(2005)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Novels

Missy’s Murder(1991)
Final Vows(1992)
Deadly Pretender(1993)
The Snake and the Spider(1995)
The Prism Weight Loss Program(1999)
Forever Young(2005)
Be Safe Little Boy(2006)
Stay Close Little Girl(2006)
Miracles: A 52-Week Devotional(2009)
I Can Only Imagine(2012)
The Family of Jesus Bible Study(2014)
The Friends of Jesus – Bible Study Book(2015)

Karen Kingsbury Author Profile

GenreChristian Fiction, Children’s, Romance

More about Karen Kingsbury – Author Bio

Karen Kingsbury, a prolific American author renowned for her emotionally gripping Christian fiction, has captured the hearts of millions with her relatable characters and compelling storytelling. Born in Fairfax, Virginia, on June 8, 1963, Kingsbury’s journey into writing is a testament to her passion for storytelling and her deep-rooted faith.

Before establishing herself as a novelist, Kingsbury honed her craft in journalism, working for the Los Angeles Times and later as a sports writer. Her background in journalism is reflected in the realistic, detailed narrative style that characterizes her novels. It was in the 1990s that Kingsbury pivoted to novel writing, a shift that marked the beginning of a new, impactful chapter in her life. Her first books were true crime stories, but she soon found her true calling in Christian fiction, a genre where she could weave her faith into the fabric of her narratives.

Kingsbury’s breakthrough in Christian fiction came with her “Redemption” series, co-written with her husband, Don. The series, which explores themes of love, redemption, and faith amidst life’s challenges, resonated deeply with readers and solidified her status as a leading author in the genre.

Known for her emotionally rich and inspiring stories, Kingsbury has a unique talent for exploring complex family dynamics and life’s moral dilemmas through a lens of faith and hope. Her characters often grapple with real-life issues, from addiction and loss to love and forgiveness, making her stories both relatable and uplifting.

With over fifty novels to her name, including several series like “Firstborn,” “Sunrise,” and “Angels Walking,” Kingsbury has not only captivated a vast readership but has also received numerous accolades for her work. Her commitment to portraying faith authentically and accessibly has earned her a place in the hearts of readers seeking stories with a spiritual dimension.

Aside from her literary career, Karen Kingsbury is a devoted mother and an active speaker, often sharing her journey and the role of faith in her life and writing. Her contribution to Christian fiction goes beyond the pages of her books; she has inspired and comforted many with her heartfelt stories and genuine spirit.

In the world of Christian fiction, Karen Kingsbury stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, her books a source of comfort and encouragement to readers around the globe. Her stories not only entertain but also impart profound life lessons and spiritual insights. Kingsbury’s work remains a shining example of how faith-based storytelling can touch lives and kindle hope in the human heart.

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