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Bob Freeman, a name emerging in the realm of science fiction literature, brings a unique perspective to the genre, shaped by his extensive background in public health microbiology, laboratory direction, and software design. His transition from a science professional to a SciFi author is a testament to his lifelong passion for science and storytelling.

Retiring from a successful career as a Public Health Microbiologist and Lab Director, where he delved into the intricacies of anaerobic microbiology and designed LIMS software, Freeman turned his attention to a different kind of creative endeavor. His expertise in writing technical manuals and protocols naturally evolved into crafting science fiction narratives, a genre where his scientific knowledge could fuse seamlessly with his imagination.

Freeman’s foray into science fiction writing began in 2021 at the age of 70, proving that it’s never too late to pursue a new passion. He has since been prolific in his output, authoring four volumes of the “H2LiftShip” saga, a series that showcases his talent for building complex, engaging worlds. In these works, Freeman introduces readers to fascinating characters and lets them navigate the intricacies of the universes he creates.

In addition to his saga, Freeman has contributed short stories to various magazines, further establishing his presence in the SciFi community. His writing is characterized by a blend of scientific authenticity and creative storytelling, making his works a delight for both science enthusiasts and SciFi aficionados.

Bob Freeman’s journey into science fiction writing is not just a career change; it’s a culmination of a life spent in the pursuit of knowledge and a love for the imaginative and boundless possibilities of science. His work stands as an inspiring example of how expertise in one field can beautifully translate into another, enriching the world of science fiction literature.

Bob Freeman Books In Order

H2LiftShips – Beyond Luna: Vol 12021
H2LiftShips – A Back Story: Vol 22021
H2LiftShips – Bosons Wave: Vol 32022
H2LiftShips – Bosons Wave2 Vol 42024

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