Laurell K. Hamilton Books In Order

Below we have listed all of the books by Laurell K. Hamilton in chronological order of when they were published.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Books in Order of Publication

Guilty Pleasures(1993)
The Laughing Corpse(1994)
Circus of the Damned(1995)
The Lunatic Cafe(1996)
Bloody Bones(1996)
The Killing Dance(1997)
Burnt Offerings(1998)
Blue Moon(1998)
Obsidian Butterfly(2000)
Narcissus in Chains(2001)
Cerulean Sins(2003)
Incubus Dreams(2004)
Danse Macabre(2006)
The Harlequin(2007)
Blood Noir(2007)
Skin Trade(2009)
Hit List(2011)
Kiss the Dead(2012)
Dead Ice(2015)
Crimson Death(2016)
Sucker Punch(2020)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Collections in Order of Publication

Strange Candy(2006)

Publication Order of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Graphic Novels

The First Death(2007)
Guilty Pleasures(2009)
The Laughing Corpse(2011)

Publication Order of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Circus of the Damned Graphic Novels

The Charmer(2011)
The Ingenue(2011)
The Scoundrel(2012)

Publication Order of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Graphic Novels


Publication Order of Merry Gentry Books

A Kiss of Shadows(2000)
A Caress of Twilight(2002)
Seduced by Moonlight(2004)
A Stroke of Midnight(2005)
Mistral’s Kiss(2006)
A Lick of Frost(2007)
Swallowing Darkness(2008)
Divine Misdemeanors(2009)
A Shiver of Light(2014)

Publication Order of Zaniel Havelock Books

A Terrible Fall of Angels(2021)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Club Vampyre(1997)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books


Ravenloft Books In Order Of Publication

Knight of the Black Rose (By: James Lowder)(1991)
Vampire of the Mists (By: Christie Golden)(1991)
Dance Of The Dead (By: Christie Golden)(1992)
Heart of Midnight (By: J. Robert King)(1992)
Tapestry of Dark Souls (By: Elaine Bergstrom)(1993)
I, Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire (By: P.N. Elrod)(1993)
Carnival of Fear (By: J. Robert King)(1993)
The Enemy Within(By: Christie Golden)(1994)
Mordenheim(By: Chet Williamson)(1994)
Tales of Ravenloft(By: J. Robert King)(1994)
Tower of Doom(By: Mark Anthony)(1994)
Scholar of Decay(By: Tanya Huff)(1995)
Death of a Darklord(1995)
King of the Dead(By: Gene DeWeese)(1996)
Lord of the Necropolis(By: Gene DeWeese)(1997)
Shadowborn(By: William W. Connors,Carrie Bebris)(1998)
I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin(By: P.N. Elrod)(1998)
Spectre of the Black Rose(By: Voronica Whitney-Robinson,James Lowder)(1999)
Spectre of the Black Rose: Ravenloft The Covenant(By: Voronica Whitney-Robinson,James Lowder)(1999)
Black Crusade(By: Ari Marmell)(2008)
Heaven’s Bones(By: Samantha Henderson)(2008)
To Sleep With Evil(By: Andria Cardarelle)(2013)

Publication Order of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Numbered) Books

Encounter at Farpoint(By: David Gerrold)(1987)
Ghost Ship(By: Diane Carey)(1988)
The Peacekeepers(By: Gene DeWeese)(1988)
The Children of Hamlin(By: Carmen Carter)(1988)
Survivors(By: Jean Lorrah)(1989)
Strike Zone(By: Peter David)(1989)
Power Hungry(By: Howard Weinstein)(1989)
Masks(By: John Vornholt)(1989)
The Captain’s Honor(By: David Dvorkin,Daniel Dvorkin)(1989)
A Rock and a Hard Place(By: Peter David)(1990)
Gulliver’s Fugitives(By: Keith Sharee)(1990)
Doomsday World(By: Peter David,Carmen Carter,Robert Greenberger,Michael Jan Friedman)(1990)
The Eyes of the Beholders(By: A.C. Crispin)(1990)
Exiles(By: Howard Weinstein)(1990)
Contamination(By: John Vornholt)(1991)
Boogeymen(By: Mel Gilden)(1991)
Q-in-Law(By: Peter David)(1991)
Perchance to Dream(By: Howard Weinstein)(1991)
Spartacus(By: Terry Mancour)(1992)
Chains of Command(By: Bill McCay,Eloise Flood)(1992)
Imbalance(By: V.E. Mitchell)(1992)
War Drums(By: John Vornholt)(1992)
Grounded(By: David Bischoff)(1993)
The Romulan Prize(By: Simon Hawke)(1993)
Guises of the Mind(By: Rebecca Neason)(1993)
Here There Be Dragons(By: John Peel)(1993)
Sins of Commission(By: Susan Wright)(1994)
Debtors’ Planet(By: W.R. Thompson)(1994)
Foreign Foes(By: Dave Galanter,Greg Brodeur)(1994)
Requiem(By: Michael Jan Friedman,Kevin Ryan)(1994)
Balance of Power(By: Dafydd ab Hugh)(1995)
Blaze of Glory(By: Simon Hawke)(1995)
The Romulan Stratagem(By: Robert Greenberger)(1995)
Into the Nebula(By: Gene DeWeese)(1995)
The Last Stand(By: Brad Ferguson)(1995)
Dragon’s Honor(By: Greg Cox,Kij Johnson)(1996)
Rogue Saucer(By: John Vornholt)(1996)
Possession(By: Kathleen O’Malley,J.M. Dillard)(1996)
The Soldiers of Fear(By: Kristine Kathryn Rusch,Dean Wesley Smith)(1996)
Infiltrator(By: W.R. Thompson)(1996)
A Fury Scorned(By: Pamela Sargent)(1996)
Sins of Commission(By: Susan Wright)(1997)
The Death of Princes(By: John Peel)(1997)
Intellivore(By: Diane Duane)(1997)
To Storm Heaven(By: Esther M. Friesner)(1997)
Q-Strike(By: Greg Cox)(1998)
Infection(By: John Gregory Betancourt)(1999)
I, Q(By: Peter David,John de Lancie)(1999)
Dyson Sphere(By: George Zebrowski)(1999)
Vectors(By: Kristine Kathryn Rusch,Dean Wesley Smith)(1999)
Quarantine(By: John Vornholt)(1999)
Red Sector(By: Michael Jan Friedman,Diane Carey)(1999)
Double or Nothing(By: Peter David)(1999)
The First Virtue(By: Christie Golden,Michael Jan Friedman)(1999)
The Forgotten War(By: William R. Forstchen)(1999)
Gemworld, Book One(By: John Vornholt)(2000)
Gemworld, Book Two(By: John Vornholt)(2000)
The Genesis Wave Book One(By: John Vornholt)(2000)
Vectors: Double Helix #2(By: Dean Wesley Smith)(2000)
Diplomatic Implausibility(By: Keith R.A. DeCandido)(2001)
Tooth and Claw(By: Doranna Durgin)(2001)
Maximum Warp: Book One(By: Dave Galanter,Greg Brodeur)(2001)
Maximum Warp: Book Two(By: Dave Galanter,Greg Brodeur)(2001)
Rogue: Section 31 Book 2(By: Andy Mangels,Michael A. Martin)(2001)
The Genesis Wave, Book Two(By: John Vornholt)(2001)
Immortal Coil(By: Jeffrey Lang)(2002)
A Hard Rain(By: Dean Wesley Smith)(2002)
The Battle of Betazed(By: Susan Kearney,Charlotte Douglas)(2002)
Sand and Stars(By: Diane Duane,A.C. Crispin)(2004)
Takedown(By: John Jackson Miller)(2015)

Publication Order of Anthologies

Out of This World(2001)
Never After(2009)
Ravens in the Library: Magic in the Bard’s Name(2009)
Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories By Women(2015)
Fantastic Hope(2020)
No Game for Knights(2022)

More About Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton, a prominent figure in the world of urban fantasy and paranormal fiction, was born on February 19, 1963, in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Hamilton’s early life was marked by frequent moves, leading her to find solace and stability in the world of books and writing. This nomadic childhood nurtured a vivid imagination, a trait that would become a hallmark of her writing career.

Hamilton’s passion for storytelling became evident during her years at Marion (Crittenden County) High School. Her talent was further honed at Indiana Wesleyan University, where she pursued a degree in English and literature. These formative years played a crucial role in shaping her distinctive voice and narrative style.

The breakthrough in Hamilton’s career came with the publication of her first novel, “Guilty Pleasures,” in 1993. This novel introduced readers to Anita Blake, a vampire hunter and necromancer, marking the start of what would become a bestselling series. The Anita Blake series, known for its blend of supernatural elements, romance, and crime, quickly garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Hamilton’s work is characterized by its strong, independent female protagonists, a reflection of her own beliefs in female empowerment and resilience. Her narratives often explore themes of sexuality, identity, and the supernatural, set against the backdrop of a richly imagined paranormal world.

Apart from the Anita Blake series, Hamilton is also known for her “Merry Gentry” series, which dives into the realm of faerie and royal intrigue. This series further cemented her reputation as a master of blending fantastical elements with modern settings and complex characters.

Over the years, Hamilton’s work has not only entertained millions but has also pushed the boundaries of the urban fantasy genre. Her novels stand out for their daring exploration of dark themes, intricate plot lines, and a unique blend of horror, mystery, and romance.

Laurell K. Hamilton is regarded as one of the pioneering figures in urban fantasy. Her influence extends beyond her own works, having played a significant role in shaping the genre itself. Her dedication to her craft continues to inspire new writers and captivate readers around the world, securing her place as a notable and respected voice in contemporary fiction.

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