Lucinda Riley Books In Order

Lucinda Riley was an internationally acclaimed author, celebrated for her ability to weave captivating tales that span generations and continents. Born in Ireland on February 16, 1965, Riley began her career as an actress before transitioning to writing, a move that would bring her worldwide fame and recognition.

Riley’s literary career is most notable for her series “The Seven Sisters,” a collection of novels inspired by the mythology of the Pleiades star cluster. Each book in the series focuses on one of seven adopted sisters and their journey to discover their origins, taking readers on a global adventure through beautifully described locations and historical events. The series showcases Riley’s skill in blending contemporary and historical narratives, making her a standout in the genre of historical fiction.

Her writing style is characterized by rich, evocative descriptions, well-crafted characters, and intricate plots that span different time periods. This combination has endeared her to a broad audience, making her books international bestsellers.

Apart from “The Seven Sisters” series, Riley wrote several other novels, often exploring themes of love, family, and the enduring connections between the past and present. Her ability to tell stories that resonate with readers across the world has left a lasting impact on the genre of historical fiction.

Lucinda Riley’s contribution to literature extends beyond her novels. Her works have been translated into multiple languages, allowing her stories to reach a diverse, global audience. Her legacy as a storyteller is marked by her unique ability to interweave historical depth with compelling narrative, making her a beloved author to many.

Publication Order of The Seven Sisters Books

The Seven Sisters(2014)
The Storm Sister(2015)
The Shadow Sister(2016)
The Pearl Sister(2017)
The Moon Sister(2018)
The Sun Sister(2019)
The Missing Sister(2021)
Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt(With: Harry Whittaker)(2023)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Lovers and Players(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1992)
Hidden Beauty(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1993)
Enchanted(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1994)
Not Quite An Angel(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1995)
Aria(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1996)
Losing You(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1996)
Playing with Fire(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(1996)
Seeing Double / The Love Letter / The Royal Secret(As:Lucinda Edmonds)(2000)
The Orchid House / Hothouse Flower(2010)
The Girl on the Cliff(2011)
The Lavender Garden / The Light Behind the Window(2012)
The Midnight Rose(2013)
The Italian Girl(2014)
The Angel Tree(2015)
The Olive Tree / Helena’s Secret(2016)
The Butterfly Room(2019)
The Murders at Fleat House(2022)

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