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John Ryder, an acclaimed mystery fiction author, possesses a backstory as intriguing as the characters in his novels. Born into humble beginnings, Ryder’s life was a tapestry of diverse experiences before he found his calling in the literary world. From being a joiner and farmworker to grappling with various odd jobs, Ryder’s journey to becoming a bestselling author is a testament to his perseverance and passion for storytelling.

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Ryder’s early life was marked by a profound love for reading, a trait that would later define his career. Despite the challenges of his initial professions, he nurtured an unwavering love for books, leading him to eventually try his hand at writing. In 2020, he took a leap of faith and published “First Shot,” his debut novel, marking the beginning of his prolific writing career. This foray into the literary scene was not just a professional shift but a fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

Inspired by thriller giants like Lee Child and Matt Hilton, Ryder’s “Grant Fletcher” series echoes the adrenaline-pumping narratives and intricate plots characteristic of his idols. His books are a reflection of his deep-seated admiration for the genre, a tribute to the writers who shaped his literary tastes.

Away from his writing desk, Ryder’s life is rich with varied interests. A doting father, he cherishes time spent with his son, balancing the solitary act of writing with the joys of family life. His love for football manifests in unwavering support for his local team, a hobby that connects him to his community and roots.

Despite his success, Ryder remains refreshingly down-to-earth. His self-professed aversion to writing about himself in the third person and his admitted laziness in updating his website add a layer of relatable charm to his persona. He values staying in touch with his readers, often engaging with them through newsletters, sharing insights into his writing process and upcoming works.

Ryder’s writing is deeply influenced by his diverse life experiences. His rural upbringing and time spent as a joiner lend authenticity to his narratives, especially when set in similar backdrops or involving characters with backgrounds akin to his own. This connection to his roots is evident in the vivid descriptions and realistic settings that hallmark his work.

A typical day for Ryder starts with a ritualistic cup of coffee, followed by a writing session. He finds inspiration in the mundane – a snippet of conversation or a news piece could spark the next big idea for his novels. His reading preferences mirror his writing style – gripping, educational, yet effortlessly flowing, like “honey for the eyes.”

If given a chance to collaborate with any author, Ryder’s choice is Alistair MacLean, whose works like “Ice Station Zebra” and “Fear is the Key” have left a lasting impression on him. This admiration speaks volumes about Ryder’s own narrative aspirations – to create stories that are not only thrilling but also timeless.

Ryder’s debut, “First Shot,” sets the tone for his writing style – a blend of mystery, suspense, and action. The novel introduces readers to Grant Fletcher, a character who embodies Ryder’s love for intricate plotlines and intense character arcs. The story’s setting in a rural Georgian town and the mystery surrounding a missing girl reflect Ryder’s ability to weave compelling narratives from seemingly ordinary circumstances.

In “Final Second,” Ryder continues Fletcher’s journey, this time unraveling a murder mystery with a cryptic symbol. Set in Medford, Wisconsin, the novel showcases Ryder’s skill in creating tension and suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

“Third Kill,” another installment in the series, takes Fletcher to the glitzy yet perilous world of Las Vegas. Tasked with stopping a ruthless assassin, the narrative showcases Ryder’s talent for crafting high-stakes scenarios and complex characters.

John Ryder’s ascension in the literary world is not just a story of success but a narrative of transformation. From a man juggling various manual jobs to a celebrated author, his journey is a source of inspiration. His novels, rooted in his experiences and love for thrillers, continue to captivate a growing fan base. As he navigates the literary landscape with his compelling narratives, John Ryder stands as a shining example of how perseverance, passion, and the power of storytelling can redefine one’s life.

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