Simon Gilham (X Gilham) Books In Order

photo of author, Simon Gilham

Simon Gilham, known as X Gilham, is an internationally successful Tiktok creator as well as a CEO with over 30 years experience in creating accessories for high-end luxury brands. Simon has been creating Tiktoks that he calls it “Relatable Quotes & Emotions”. These short form videos have resonated with so many people around the world, … Read more

Jessica Barker Books In Order

Jessica Barker Books In Order

Dr Jessica Barker is an award-winning global leader in the human side of cyber security. She is Co-Founder and co-CEO of Cygenta, where she follows her passion of positively influencing cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture in organisations around the world. She has delivered face-to-face cyber security awareness sessions to over 40,000 people in 23 … Read more

Pope Francis Books In Order

Pope Francis I is the 266th man to be elected as pope. He was appointed in 2013 at the age of 76. He is also known as a prolific writer and to date has 91 published works. He is widely recognized for his contributions to non-fiction literature. His first book was “The Simple Wisdom of … Read more

Elissa Washuta Books In Order

Elissa Washuta, a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, is a powerful voice in contemporary literature, blending memoir, cultural history, and introspection in her compelling works. Born and raised in New Jersey, her writing journey is a testament to her ability to navigate the complexities of identity, trauma, and healing with unflinching honesty and a … Read more

Ben Shattuck Books In Order

Ben Shattuck is an American author and artist whose work captures the delicate intersections of the natural world, human emotion, and history. Born and raised with a deep appreciation for the outdoors and storytelling, Shattuck has carved a unique path that marries his love for art and literature. His writing is marked by a keen … Read more

R.J Eastwood Books In Order

Over his forty-year career in film and television, R. J. Eastwood, the pen name of Robert J. Emery, has made significant contributions as a writer, producer, and director. His body of work includes feature films, television documentaries, national commercials, political campaigns, and industrial films. Notable achievements include the Starz/Encore’s acclaimed television series “The Directors,” the … Read more

Dee Henderson Books In Order

Explore the captivating world of Dee Henderson through this comprehensive list of her books, meticulously organized in their order of publication. Publication Order of O’Malley Books The Negotiator (1999) Danger in the Shadows (1999) The Guardian (2001) The Truth Seeker (2001) The Protector (2001) The Healer (2002) The Rescuer (2003) Jennifer (2010) Danger in the … Read more

John Grisham Books In Order

John Grisham

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of John Grisham’s books, arranged by their publication dates. With this guide, you can effortlessly trace the evolution of his literary career and discover your next favorite read. Publication Order of Jake Brigance Books A Time to Kill (1989) Sycamore Row (2013) A Time for Mercy (2020) Homecoming (2022) Publication … Read more