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Ream Shukairy is a Syrian American author who has made a significant mark in the Young Adult genre. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Ream spent her summers in Syria, cultivating a unique blend of cultural experiences that richly informs her writing. This dual heritage provides her with a distinctive lens through which she crafts authentic, engaging narratives that resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds.

Known for her ability to create relatable characters and weave compelling plots, Ream’s storytelling captivates young readers, drawing them into worlds that are both familiar and eye-opening. Her protagonists often grapple with challenges that mirror the real-life experiences of her audience, making her books not just entertaining, but also deeply relevant.

Ream’s work stands out for its seamless integration of universal themes—such as identity, family, and personal growth—with authentic elements drawn from her Syrian American and Muslim heritage. This approach allows her stories to be accessible to a wide audience while maintaining a unique and genuine voice. Her narratives offer truthful reflections on cultural identity and resilience, inviting readers to explore diverse perspectives through her engaging prose.

A language enthusiast and avid traveler, Ream’s adventurous spirit and multicultural experiences further enrich her storytelling. Her time spent between California and Syria, coupled with her education in Boston, has honed her ability to create vivid, realistic settings that transport readers across different cultures and landscapes.

Ream finds inspiration in her family and draws peace from the beach, often incorporating these elements into her work. Her talent for character development ensures that every personality in her stories, regardless of their role, contributes meaningfully to the narrative, keeping readers engrossed from beginning to end.

As a rising star in Young Adult literature, Ream Shukairy continues to work on exciting new projects. Readers can look forward to more captivating stories that blend her imaginative storytelling with authentic life experiences, promising the same depth, engagement, and cultural richness that have become her hallmark.

For fans of diverse, heartfelt, and thought-provoking Young Adult fiction, Ream Shukairy’s works offer a perfect blend of entertainment and insight, establishing her as a noteworthy voice in contemporary literature.

Standalone Novels In Order of Publication

The Next New Syrian Girl(2023)
Six Truths and a Lie(2024)

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