Stone Barrington Books In Order

Stone Barrington, the suave and sophisticated protagonist in Stuart Woods’ bestselling series, has become a staple in the landscape of contemporary detective fiction. With his debut in “New York Dead” in 1991, Barrington captured the imagination of readers with his unique blend of charm, intelligence, and an unyielding sense of justice.

Barrington, a former NYPD detective turned lawyer and private investigator, navigates a world filled with crime, high society, and intricate legal scenarios. His character is a brilliant amalgamation of a hard-boiled detective and a modern gentleman, embodying the qualities of both with a distinct flair that is uniquely his own.

What sets Stone Barrington apart in the genre is his evolution over the course of the series. Initially portrayed as a detective with a penchant for finding himself in the middle of complex cases, Barrington’s character grows to become a skilled attorney and power player in New York’s elite circles. This transition allows readers to explore not just the underworld of crime but also the equally intricate and sometimes perilous world of the rich and powerful.

Stuart Woods’ writing style in the Stone Barrington series is characterized by fast-paced narratives, witty dialogue, and meticulously crafted plots. Woods has a talent for balancing the elements of suspense and action with moments of levity and romance, making each novel in the series a multifaceted reading experience.

The appeal of Stone Barrington extends beyond his expertise and social standing. He is a character with depth, often grappling with moral dilemmas and personal challenges. His relationships, both personal and professional, add layers to his character, making him relatable and human, despite the often extraordinary circumstances he finds himself in.

The Stone Barrington series is not just a collection of detective stories; it is a window into a lifestyle that combines luxury with danger, legal intrigue with ethical quandaries. Through Barrington’s adventures, readers are given a front-row seat to the high-stakes world of legal battles, corporate power plays, and international espionage.

The series has also been notable for its reflection of contemporary issues and trends. From politics to technology, Woods ensures that Barrington’s world is a mirror of our own, giving the stories a sense of immediacy and relevance.

As of today, Stone Barrington remains a beloved character in the genre, with his stories continuing to captivate and entertain. His adventures are a testament to the enduring appeal of the detective novel and its ability to evolve with the times while remaining true to the core elements of intrigue, intelligence, and the pursuit of justice.

In reading the Stone Barrington series, one embarks on a journey through the luxurious, the dangerous, and the morally complex, guided by a protagonist who is as enigmatic as he is endearing.

Publication Order of Stone Barrington Books

New York Dead(1991)
Dead in the Water(1997)
Swimming to Catalina(1998)
Worst Fears Realized(1999)
L.A. Dead(2000)
Cold Paradise(2001)
The Short Forever(2002)
Dirty Work(2003)
Reckless Abandon(2004)
Two Dollar Bill(2004)
Dark Harbor(2006)
Fresh Disasters(2007)
Shoot Him If He Runs(2007)
Hot Mahogany(2008)
Loitering with Intent(2009)
Lucid Intervals(2010)
Strategic Moves(2010)
Bel-Air Dead(2011)
Son of Stone(2011)
D.C. Dead(2011)
Unnatural Acts(2012)
Severe Clear(2012)
Collateral Damage(2012)
Unintended Consequences(2013)
Doing Hard Time(2013)
Standup Guy(2014)
Carnal Curiosity(2014)
Cut and Thrust(2014)
Paris Match(2014)
Insatiable Appetites(2015)
Hot Pursuit(2015)
Naked Greed(2015)
Foreign Affairs(2015)
Scandalous Behavior(2016)
Family Jewels(2016)
Dishonorable Intentions(2016)
Sex, Lies & Serious Money(2016)
Below the Belt(2017)
Fast and Loose(2017)
Indecent Exposure(2017)
Quick & Dirty(2017)
Shoot First(2018)
Desperate Measures(2018)
A Delicate Touch(2018)
Wild Card(2019)
Hit List(2020)
Choppy Water(2020)
Double Jeopardy(2021)
Class Act(2021)
Foul Play(2021)
Criminal Mischief(2021)
A Safe House(2022)
Black Dog(2022)
Distant Thunder(2022)
Near Miss(2023)

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