John Ryder Books In Order

John Ryder, an acclaimed mystery fiction author, possesses a backstory as intriguing as the characters in his novels. Born into humble beginnings, Ryder’s life was a tapestry of diverse experiences before he found his calling in the literary world. From being a joiner and farmworker to grappling with various odd jobs, Ryder’s journey to becoming … Read more

Elly Griffiths Books In Order

Elly Griffiths, the pen name of Domenica de Rosa, is a British author acclaimed for her captivating and atmospheric crime novels. Born in 1963 in London, Griffiths has earned a reputation as a master storyteller in the crime and mystery genre, particularly known for her Ruth Galloway series. Griffiths’ journey into crime fiction began with … Read more

Lucy Foley Books In Order

Lucy Foley, an accomplished British author, has made a significant mark in the world of mystery and historical fiction with her gripping and atmospheric novels. Foley’s journey as a writer is characterized by her ability to blend suspenseful narratives with richly detailed settings, creating stories that captivate and intrigueate readers. Foley began her literary career … Read more

Louise Penny Books In Order

Louise penny author

Louise Penny is a remarkable author whose literary talents have garnered widespread acclaim and an avid following of readers around the world. With her gift for crafting intricate mysteries, rich character development, and the ability to transport readers to the picturesque and enigmatic world of Three Pines, she has firmly established herself as a master … Read more