Fyodor Dostoyevsky Books In Order

Publication Order of Fyodor Dostoyevsky Standalone Novels

The Double(1846)
Poor Folk / Poor People(1846)
The Landlady(1847)
White Nights(1848)
Uncle’s Dream(1859)
The Insulted and Injured / Humiliated and Insulted(1861)
The House of the Dead / Notes from a Dead House(1862)
Notes from the Underground(1864)
Crime and Punishment(1866)
The Gambler(1866)
The Idiot(1869)
The Eternal Husband(1870)
Demons / The Devils / The Possessed(1872)
The Adolescent / Raw Youth(1875)
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man(1877)
The Brothers Karamazov(1879)

Publication Order of Fyodor Dostoyevsky Short Story Collections

Poor Folk and Other Stories(1845)
An Honest Thief and Other Stories(1848)
A Gentle Creature and Other Stories(1876)
The Grand Inquisitor(1879)
The Eternal Husband and Other Stories(1890)
The Gambler and Other Stories(1914)
Great Short Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky(1968)
The Crocodile and Other Tales(1973)
Uncle’s Dream and Other Stories(1989)
The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky(2007)
The Fyodor Dostoevsky BBC Radio Drama Collection(2021)
A Bad Business(With: Maya Slater,Nicolas Pasternak)(2022)

Publication Order of Writer’s Diary Books

A Writer’s Diary, Volume One, 1873-1876(1886)
A Writer’s Diary, Volume Two, 1877-1881(1886)

Publication Order of Fyodor Dostoyevsky Non-Fiction Books

Winter Notes on Summer Impressions(1863)
Dostoevsky: Letters and Reminiscences(1923)
Selected Letters of Fyodor Dostoyevsky(1987)
Complete Letters, 1860-1867(1989)
Dostoevsky’s Occasional Writings(1997)

Publication Order of Alexander Pushkin Collections

with Alexander Pushkin

Selected Lyric Poetry(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1823)
Short Stories(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1831)
Tales of Belkin(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1831)
Selected Poetry(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1833)
The Queen of Spades and Other Stories(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1834)
Fairy Tales(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1963)
The Golden Cockerel and Other Fairy Tales(By: Alexander Pushkin)(1990)
Boris Godunov and The Little Tragedies(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2002)
Love Poems(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2003)
The Gypsies: And Other Narrative Poems(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2005)
Eugene on Guine(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2011)
Crop-Eared Jacquot and Other Stories(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2015)
Yevgeny Onegin(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2017)
Lyrics Volume 1(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2018)
The Bronze Horseman and Other Poems(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2019)
Lyrics Volume 2(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2019)
Lyrics Volume 3(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2020)
Lyrics Volume 4(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2021)
Boris Godunov, Little Tragedies, and Others: The Complete Plays(By: Alexander Pushkin)(2023)

Publication Order of The Brothers Karamazov Books

The Brothers Karamazov(By: Constance Garnett,Fyodor Dostoyevsky)(1878)

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Greatest Russian Stories of Crime and Suspense(2010)
Keys to the Bureau(2013)
Called to Community(2016)
Writers: Their Lives and Works(2018)

About Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a titan of world literature, holds a revered place in the pantheon of great authors. Born on November 11, 1821, in Moscow, Russia, Dostoyevsky’s works are celebrated for their profound exploration of psychology, philosophy, and the human condition. His influence extends far beyond his native Russia, resonating with readers and scholars worldwide for his deep introspection and understanding of the complexities of human nature.

Dostoyevsky’s journey as a writer was marked by intense personal struggles and a keen insight into the societal issues of his time. His experiences, including his arrest and near-execution for political activities, followed by years of exile in a Siberian labor camp, profoundly shaped his worldview and, consequently, his writing. This period of suffering and redemption deeply influenced his later works, imbuing them with a sense of existential depth and moral inquiry.

His major works include “Crime and Punishment,” “The Idiot,” “Demons,” and “The Brothers Karamazov.” These novels are not merely stories; they are intricate explorations of themes like morality, free will, the nature of evil, and the quest for faith in a suffering world. Dostoyevsky’s ability to delve into the psychological depths of his characters, particularly their inner conflicts and moral dilemmas, sets his work apart.

“Crime and Punishment,” one of his most famous novels, is a penetrating study of guilt and redemption, exploring the psychological turmoil of a young student who commits a murder. Similarly, “The Brothers Karamazov” delves into philosophical debates about God, free will, and morality, encapsulated in a family drama of epic proportions.

Dostoyevsky’s writing style is characterized by its psychological complexity, philosophical depth, and a narrative that blends realism with gothic and romantic elements. His work often reflects a world fraught with existential angst, yet it also suggests the possibility of redemption through suffering.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s legacy as a writer is monumental. His novels have not only shaped the course of world literature but have also provided profound insights into the human psyche. His exploration of philosophical and existential themes has made his work timeless, continuing to inspire and challenge readers and thinkers across generations.

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