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Alison Bruce is an award-winning author known for her gripping crime novels and psychological thrillers. Born and raised in Cambridge, England, Bruce developed a passion for mystery and suspense at a young age, devouring the works of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle.

After earning her degree in English Literature from the University of East Anglia, Bruce spent several years working as a journalist, honing her writing skills and developing an eye for the intriguing details that would later populate her novels. Her experiences in the field of journalism provided her with a wealth of material for her future books and a keen understanding of human nature.

Bruce’s debut novel, “Cambridge Blue,” introduced readers to DC Gary Goodhew, a young and ambitious detective whose unconventional methods and sharp intellect have made him a fan favorite. The success of this first book launched the popular Cambridge Mystery series, which has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following.

Known for her meticulous research and atmospheric descriptions of Cambridge, Bruce brings her settings to life with vivid detail, making the city as much a character in her stories as the people who inhabit it. Her writing style combines intricate plotting with deep psychological insights, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

When not writing, Bruce can be found exploring the hidden corners of Cambridge, attending crime writing festivals, or giving talks and workshops on the craft of mystery writing. She lives in a picturesque village just outside Cambridge with her family and their mischievous border collie, who often serves as inspiration for the four-legged characters in her books.

Alison Bruce’s novel, “The Promise,” a standalone psychological thriller, hit bookstores earlier this year and has already been optioned for a major television adaptation.

DC Gary Goodhew Mystery Books in Order of Publication

Cambridge Blue(2009)
The Siren(2010)
The Calling(2011)
The Silence(2012)
A Cry in the Night/The Backs(2013)
The Promise(2015)
Cambridge Black(2017)

Ronnie Blake Books in Order of Publication

Because She Looked Away(2022)

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

Deadly Season(2016)
I Did It for Us(2019)
The Moment Before Impact(2020)

Non-Fiction Books in Order of Publication

Cambridgeshire Murders(2005)
Billington: Victorian Executioner(2009)

Anthologies in Order of Publication

Bodies in the Bookshop(2014)

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